Restoration sci-fi in search of home

An ambitious sci-fi project filmed in Melbourne is looking for domestic and international broadcasters.

2014-11-08_0118Sci-fi project Restoration has finished filming at Docklands Studios, and is now on the hunt for a broadcaster.

Starring Nadia Townsend, Grant Cartwright and Stephen Carracher, the project takes place when humans have their memories downloaded for backup, and centres on a man who awakes with his memories restored into a body that is not his own.

Co-written by director Stuart Willis and Matthew Clayfield, and produced by Toby Gibson, Restoration will be released in 2015 as both a one hour segment and three-part miniseries.

Executive Simon de Bruyn is looking for both domestic and international broadcast and VOD distribution.

“It’s exciting to know that we have something very special in our hands as we actively begin to explore broad avenues for future distribution,” says Gibson.

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  1. Genre, yes real scifi doesn’t have a broad base IMHO-OC, the series “Intellegence’ was tagged scifi, the limited thread/info we have on ‘Restoration’ sounds similar to ‘Intelligence’, but alas they are not scifi, and never will be to the true scifi hard line addict

    ‘Continuum’ might be considered scifi because of the time travel but hard line scifi lovers reckon not, more like supernatural/fantasy/procedural

    1. Scifi channel in the US changed its name to Syfy in part to remind us that sci-fi does not always require spaceships to be sci-fi. This is where I come back to Twilight Zone for its vast interpretation of the genre regarding space, time, metaphysical and more. If Intelligence is (futuristic) cybertronics, and Resurrection is returning from the dead, I’m happy to deem them fiction pieces based on sciences. But no issue with you deeming them fantasy. I trust there will be plenty who agree with both camps.

  2. Indeed Mr Knox, we do give new series’ a chance, UK programming gets 80 minutes US series get 40 minutes AU series 15 minutes we then decide whether they are worth watching, Add 20 minutes for Scifi.

    As a long long time sufferer at the dysfunctional hands of the AUTV (OZTAM generated) commercial networks there is no respect in our household for them

    Mr Knox said “Sci-fi covers a lot of terrain.” On that point sir, we disagree

  3. As an older scifi fan I would be hard pressed to call “Restoration” science fiction, more your fantasy/supernatural and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s not ‘plot’ based it will in all likelihood be relationship (lovey dovey kissy kissy feely touchy) rubbish: unwatchable. Aussie writers have a real problem writing a 42/60 minute episode plot based series’ Boooo! 😀

  4. $17k in crowd-sourcing for sets sounds like just a PR stunt.

    Also floating around somewhere is Arrowhead. Another crowd-sourced SF movie. TV1 picked it up for SF, as part of their mandatory spend on local productions, just before Foxtel shut their channels down. Micallef was cast for a voice part and filming was due to finish in Feb. No sign of a release date yet.

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