Seven: first week of summer

2014-11-18_1206Much of Seven’s first week of summer scheduling is in and it contains new episodes of several noteworthy shows.

Home and Away continues this year with brand new episodes Monday-Thursday from December 1.

New season episodes of Castle will screen Sunday and Monday nights from November 30.

The Amazing Race moves to Thursday nights from December 4.

It also looks like Bones is not far away, but nothing confirmed as yet.

All episodes are new unless otherwise denoted (some timeslots are yet to be filled).

Sunday, November 30
7:00pm Sunday Night
9:30pm Castle
10:30pm Covert Affairs (dbl ep)

Monday, December 1
7:00pm Home And Away
7:30m TBA
8:00pm Nabbed
9:30pm Castle
10:30pm Marvel: 75 Years, From Pulp To Pop
11:30pm Parks And Recreation

Tuesday, December 2
7:00pm Home And Away
7:30pm TBA
8:00pm TBA
8:30pm TBA
10:30pm Scandal
11:30pm Men At Work

Wednesday, December 3
7:00pm Home And Away (dbl ep)
8:00pm Air Rescue
8:30pm Criminal Minds (rpt)
10:30pm Grimm
11:30pm Men At Work

Thursday, December 4
7:00pm Home And Away (dbl ep)
8:00pm TBA
8:30pm TBA
10:30pm The Amazing Race
11:30pm Parks And Recreation

Friday, December 5
7:00pm Better Homes And Gardens (summer season)
8:30pm Movie
11:45pm The Making Of The Water Diviner

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  1. Apart from The Amazing Race, I will probably not be watching anything on Seven until the Australian Open is on.

    Seeing we are already being bombarded with MKR ads – how bad will it get as we get closer to the show actually starting “after the tennis”?!?

  2. What I have noticed in H& A is the dates on screen are usually accurate. Whereas currently they are ahead of our actual dates e.g. On the 17th the date flashed on a phone was the 19th which means 7 are showing episodes ahead of originally planned?!?
    Still not sure why?

  3. Why has Home and Away gone to an extra half hour a week? This has not been mentioned or explained anywhere in the site. It seems they just made too many episodes this year and are throwing them out to get to their annual cliffhanger? Would this be the reason?

  4. Criminal Minds double repeat will be on Wednesdays. Also Parks and Recreation is not a final episode. The Seven guides do not indicate this. There will be 2 more episodes

  5. I wish channel seven would just come out and tell viewers why there are all these extra episodes of home and away. Six episodes per week for multiple weeks is too much.

  6. If it weren’t for Scandal, I’d be giving Seven a wide berth. If this is only the start of summer, I hate to see what the middle’s going to be like! Thank god my DVR is full 🙂

  7. @JennyW – I’ve been trying to figure that out as well. At first I thought it might have something to do with the fact that the Australian Open runs a week later next year (so H&A will probably return on Feb 2nd rather than the last week of January), but that would then screw up the summer cliffhanger.

    My second thought was that they planned to finish this year a week early for some reason (so fitting six weeks of episodes into five). This news seems to put that to bed as well though.

    Totally confused.

  8. Surely the Tennis will take over the channel before too long, so there wouldn’t be able to play many Bones eps before then – I’d say hold it until next year.
    How about schedules for 7Two/Mate anything different on offer?

  9. Yay for Castle the best show on tv but what about Highway Patrol is that off already? Why not continue with new Criminal Minds it’s better than hanging on to it for almost a year. I hope they do continue with it I quit watching because I can’t stand the new agent but if I was desperate enough for something to watch it’s better than repeats of rubbish.

  10. Thanks David.

    I am not sure why TAR would need to move from Thurs to Friday (still in alte timeslot) for a week or two….(there are not many episodes left anyway)!

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