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The Following, Judith Lucy, Married at First Sight -what else were we supposed to get this year?

2014-12-28_1620Every year TV Tonight tallies up the shows that were touted as coming to our screens but never actually surfaced.

There are various reasons why shows never appear: production delays, dud US ratings, on-sold to Pay TV -even tragedy understandably shelved plans for Australia’s Next Top Model.

Several shows have been held over from 2014 to 2015 including Gina (now Gina v Rose: House of Hancock) and Married at First Sight. SBS has also gone quiet on Once Upon a Time in Carlton, absent from its 2015 highlights.

But even ABC has also held over several titles from 2014 to 2015 too while 8MMM, coming next year, was originally due in 2013.

Concerningly, two cancelled drama projects Mayday Mayday: The Story of Flight QF32 and Batavia were both to be produced by Screentime.

As best as I can determine, these were the shows that didn’t make it to screen:

Judith Lucy is All Woman (airing in 2015)
Afghanistan: The Australian War (airing in 2015)
Life on the Reef (airing in 2015)
Keys To The Museum With David Attenborough
Maximum Choppage (airing in 2015)

Australia: The Story of Us (airing in 2015)

Gina (airing in 2015 as Gina v Rose)
Married at First Sight (airing in 2015)
The Following
Almost Human
The Tomorrow People (aired on Foxtel)
P!nk Live in Concert (airing New Year’s Eve)

Cancelled: Mayday Mayday: The Story of Flight QF32

Reign (aired on Foxtel)
Beauty and the Beast (aired on Foxtel)

Cancelled: Batavia

Once Upon a Time in Carlton
The Great Australian Race Riot (airing in 2015)
Gourmet Farmer Afloat (airing in 2015)

Australia’s Next Top Model (returning in 2015)
Jimmy Barnes specials
Tony Robinson’s Tour of Duty
The Men Who Would Not Be Silent
Charlie’s Chelsea Flower Show
Kirstie Allsopp’s Home Style
Untitled Working Dog project (in development as Pacific Heat).

and a special mention to Foxtel IQ3 and the Foxtel “Triple Play” of subscription TV, broadband and phone -both promised for 2014. No date has been confirmed for either in 2015.

This post updates.

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  1. @David Knox Sorry, I missed the bit about 8MMM earlier in the story and only noted it wasn’t in the ABC list. Regarding, the Gina telemovie/miniseries, I was pointing out that the promos suggest that the title has been shortened now to just ‘The House of Hancock’ without mention of Gina.

  2. e-mail being sent to out to people who have pre-registered for IQ3.

    We know that you’ve been waiting patiently to get your hands on the iQ3, so we just wanted to let you know where it’s at. You’ll be excited to hear that we’re finishing up a few final details and it’s on track to arrive in February 2015.

    We’ll keep you posted so you’ll know when it’s available to order.

    Until then,

    The Foxtel Team

  3. Have to disagree with the other comments re The Following.
    I am not surprised that season 2 was shelved.
    I found it was much like season 1 in that it starts with so much promise only to fall into a messy pile of *cough* as the season went on.
    I won’t be bothering with season 3 (I say that now but I have a thing for car crashes…).

    1. TheGedemondan: The list is based on shows that were promised for the year but never arrived.

      For example, TEN never promised The Americans S2 after average ratings, so it appeared on Foxtel. I don’t have any record of some of the other titles you mentioned as confirmed for 2014. Sleepy Hollow S1 trailed across 2013/14 and S2 will air on ELEVEN next year.

  4. According to Nine promos Gina / Gina vs Rose has had another name change and is now The House of Hancock.
    Meanwhile, ABC comedy 8MMM Aboriginal Radio was originally flagged for 2013 but didn’t make it in 2014 either.

  5. I have seen some reports that Believe was supposed to air on the Nine Network but I presume it was cancelled this year for Australia.
    Nine Network must be thinking that they are terrible at scheduling International drama shows.

  6. Glad to see TEN’s list only included those which they on-sold. In my opinion that is the best option for viewers. They might not watch it where it was originally intended but they can still see it nevertheless. I’m really disappointed Nine didn’t air season 2 of Unforgettable 2.0 but now that it has been cancelled I doubt it will ever see the light of day in Aust. Most importantly I agree with the comment about the Foxtel IQ3. I have had a MyStar HD play up for over a year but I haven’t had it replaced as I figured I’d be better off waiting for the IQ3 which was meant to be released by 2014Q3 – I regret that decision more and more by the day.

  7. ‘The Following’ (9) would have been worth a look if the viewer likes top end very extreme violence.
    Tony Robinson’s Tour of Duty (Foxtel) whatever Mr Robinson makes is always worth a look IMHO-OC.
    Tossing the other candidates was a good decision made by the networks whose decision making is poor and worrying pretty much all the time

  8. Its disappointing that networks aren’t interested in using their multichannels for original titles. Reign and Beauty and The Beast would be perfect for Eleven and ditto for Unforgettable and The Following on Gem. I’m sure many viewers would love an alternative to reality shows in the early evening.

  9. The Following season two was actually rather good. Much better than the awful first season. And Almost Human was not a bad show either

    Difficult for Nein to schedule series like these when they air The Block and Big Bang Theory 10-15 timeslots a week

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