The Flash / Arrow crossover set for FOX8 premiere

Another TV first as Nine lets Foxtel screen a crossover episode of Arrow alongside The Flash.

2014-12-09_2255In another sign that Free to Air is in a generous mood with Subscription TV, Foxtel has secured an episode of Arrow from Nine to screen as a cross-over episode with The Flash.

The consecutive storylines will see back-to-back episode airing on Wednesday January 28 from 7.30pm on FOX8.

The deal follows recent unusual moves between competing sectors, including Seven set to produce A Place to Call Home, Foxtel and TEN co-producing Gogglebox, Seven partnering with Presto and Foxtel in a joint bid to seize TEN.

The Flash launched last week as the highest rated series launch on FOX8 since 2011.

The crossover event will see the two super heroes – the Flash/ Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and the Arrow/ Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) come together to tackle threats to their respective cities. It isn’t yet clear if Foxtel returns the favour to Nine and offers The Flash episode on Nine next year.

In the first part of the crossover event, The Flash episode “Flash vs. Arrow,” airing at 7.30pm, Barry is thrilled when Oliver, Felicity (guest star Emily Bett Rickards) and Diggle (guest star David Ramsey) come to Central City to investigate a case involving a deadly boomerang. Excited about teaming up with his friend, Barry asks Oliver if he’d like to help him stop Roy Bivolo (guest star Paul Anthony), the meta-human Barry is currently tracking. Bivolo causes people to lose control of their emotions and has been using that skill to rob banks.

Unfortunately, the superhero partnership doesn’t go as smoothly as Barry expected. When Oliver tells Barry he still has a lot to learn, Barry sets out to prove him wrong by attempting to stop Bivolo alone. However, when Bivolo infects Barry and sets him on a raging rampage, everyone is in danger, and the only one who can stop him is the Arrow.

In part two, the Arrow episode “The Brave and the Bold,” airing at 8.30pm, Oliver, Arsenal (Colton Haynes) and Diggle track down the location of a boomerang-wielding killer named Digger Harkness (guest star Nick E. Tarabay) but are surprised when they come face to face with an A.R.G.U.S. team. Diggle asks Lyla (gust star Audrey Marie Anderson) why A.R.G.U.S. is involved, but she defers until Harkness attacks the building, killing several agents and targeting Lyla. The Arrow joins the fight and gets help from an old friend The Flash. Harkness manages to get away and Oliver teams up with Barry again to find him before he can get to Lyla. When Harkness plants five bombs in the city that are timed to explode at the same time, both teams must come together to save the city.

When the two episodes aired in the US over consecutive nights on The CW Network they were a massive success, with The Flash racing to its most watched episode since its record-breaking series premiere, while Arrow achieved an all-time series high rating in Adults 18-49.

FOX8 on Wednesday January 28 from 7.30pm.

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  1. Given that Nine aren’t going to show Arrow over summer this is best solution. Holding The Flash back has given Foxtel good ratings and a run of continuous episodes to show.

    The the second (Arrow) part rated 50% higher with 18-49s than the previous Arrow episode.

  2. That is nice for those who only watch The Flash. Guess the best thing to do is tape them when they air on Foxtel & save them for when Nine gets around to showing Arrow to avoid spoilers or missing out on things since it is highly unlikely that Nine will then air The Flash episode whenever it gets around to showing S3. They should have moved into S3 when S2 finished, it would rate so much better I’d think if they did

  3. They were great episodes, lots of fun and jokes that only long-term fans will understand. Just a warning though – make sure you watch the Flash episode 8 before Arrow episode 8 as this is the order of the storyline.

  4. What a mess! And a huge warning to anyone who bothers to watch this on Fox8- there are massive Arrow spoilers in both episodes that will ruin the Arrow season for you. And if Foxtel doesn’t repay the favour to Nine? There’s a massive plot point from The Flash episode for Arrow.
    Why would anyone want to watch these shows this way? And eight weeks after the airdate in America. Pathetic.

  5. Nine treats arrow poorly.so very much doubt the favour will be returned. Rather than airing arrow at multiple late timeslots, season 3 should’ve been fast tracked and aired on GO in a better consistent timeslot. But since nine treats their viewers with disdain and lacks imagination it will be a year of hours of the block rubbish and maybe a late night airing of arrow late next year when the plot is completely spoiled by internet spoilers if they ever show it at all.

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