Airdate: Judith Lucy is All Woman

2015-01-15_2201Next month Judith Lucy is returning to ABC with her new six-part series Judith Lucy is All Woman.

Judith is out to explore just where women are at in modern Australia – and what it means for men. From the outback to the city, Judith jumps head-first into sex, showbiz, politics, families, cougars, cosmetic surgery and careers and chats to people from all walks of life, from all over the country, as she tries to work out if the battle of the sexes is still in progress and if so, who is winning?

Wednesday 11th February at 9pm.


  1. Always loved Judith,she is my age and have watched her go through many life problems,just hope abc let;s her be herself, warts rude stuff and all Lol.

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