Celebrity Apprentice to air posthumous Joan Rivers appearance

2015-01-20_1428Next week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice will include an appearance by former winner Joan Rivers, filmed just days before her death.

Donald Trump told Access Hollywood producers were torn on whether to include the footage or not.

“We really had a decision to make. Do we leave Joan on or do we cut it? And that’s always been a tough decision for people throughout the years and she was so incredible, we left Joan on,” he explained. “She did so well. If she didn’t do as well I wouldn’t have left her in, but she was so good, so she’ll be looking down and saying thank you.”

“You’re going to see tremendous strength from Joan Rivers. Smart, strong, incredible and you’re going to see a woman that was so healthy and was so vivacious and warm and then to have this happen so shortly thereafter, so, somebody made a horrible mistake,” he said.

“Well I met her and was with her three days prior to her death and I commented to people, ‘She might be around forever.’ She was incredible and so for this tragedy to happen was very, very sad,” he added.

Celebrity Apprentice airs 8:30pm Mondays on Arena.


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