Kris Smith scales back Daily Edition role

2015-01-26_2058Kris Smith will scale back his role as one of the four co-hosts of The Daily Edition on Seven.

The West Australian reports he will ‘still be seen in segments from time-to-time’ but Sally Obermeder, Tom Williams and Monique Wright will return to host from February 3rd.

“Kris was with us on day one and has been a huge part of the success of the show,” executive producer Sarah Stinson said.

“He will always be a part of our motley crew and will still be appearing on the program in various capacities through 2015. It just won’t be on a daily basis.”

Smith is expected to focus more on his commercial partnerships.


  1. Kris Smith is so stiff, wooden and dull. And his grating delivery was irritating in the extreme. Couldn’t interview. Dead loss, beggars belief how he landed the gig in the first place. Oh wait, he’s good looking.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    I don’t mind Kris Smith, although I much prefer Sally Obermeder she is hot anyway he probably has more work with Myer. Also the Daily Edition is not a Lifestyle show its more of a afternoon show sort of like the Morning Show. The format and the issues they discuss are similar.

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