Labby & Stav exit CouchTime on ELEVEN

2015-01-02_1606ELEVEN hosts Labby and Stav, who present Couch Time segments in the afternoon, bid farewell to viewers yesterday.

The B105 radio hosts have been boisterous channel ambassadors with ELEVEN since its launch in January 2011, introducing programmes such as Neighbours, hosting competitions and interviews.

Not everyone has been a fan of the linking segments, attracting some robust commentary online over the years. Lara Bingle also criticised them after they asked her on radio if she was “Australia’s answer to a question we never asked”.

Yesterday a TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight that Couch Time had not been axed, but is yet to clarify why Labby and Stav are departing.

TEN previously reached an amicable arrangement to continue the Couch Time brand following a legal challenge by Perth-based Fred Mafrica over the trademark name The Couch, which he had presented on community TV since 2002.

Update: TEN advises Labby is moving to New Zealand and both have ended their Brisbane radio show. Couch Time will announce new hosts soon.


  1. Oh pu-lease people-lighten up! Labby & Stav were purely light hearted entertainment linking the shows and I think they did it well with grace and good humour! Worst part was shows not starting on time, but the rest was all good. They will be missed, particularly Stav’s version of George Columbaris! Classic!

  2. bettestreep2008

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they rename the show ‘Couch Time with Andrew Bolt’ .

    Well he is looking for a 5 night a week gig you know.

  3. Eleven could just replaying this show anyway… They dont change there shows so they dont really need to get new people in. There must be at least 5 or 6 clips of them introducing every Brady Bunch episode.

  4. “Lincoln January 3, 2015 at 2:39 pm –
    All they did was fool around, now neighbours can start at 6:30 and not 6:35 making us miss the start of home and away.”


  5. Just get rid of it!! It is just a waste of space!! It just annoys me when I’m waiting to watch a program and these two very unfunny people are spending the whole time laughing at their own jokes…

  6. That is correct: I believe Labby’s now doing a drive shift in NZ. This product has been the perfect preparation for what many say is the hardest shift in radio.

    This also means the Couch Time episodes have been produced around a month in advance: Labby left B105 in early December last year.

    I’d actually love to see Ten either make a fresh offer to Jade/Ryan from Cheez TV, or utilize Toasted TV’s EP (Curio from The Shak) in a on-air role again, to take over the Couch Time product.

  7. “Australia’s answer to a question we never asked”

    way to rip off a simpsons joke
    Episode 4F07 – Hurricane Neddy

    “Springfield’s answer to a question no one asked”

    pretty much the two most unfunny people to get a job on TV

  8. When 11 was initially set up, it was good having these two introduce the new shows, but I haven’t really been paying attention to Couch Time since 11 became programmed more competitively.
    If they use the name for an afternoon kids show on 11 or even a chat show, it could work. If that’s the case, they should try and get ex-ABC3 hosts rather than radio hosts. Or maybe Julia Morris for the chat show? That would explain why she left channel 9.
    Either way, I think Ten will want to justify whatever costs were incurred via the “amicable agreement” so that means they’ll be holding onto that name as long as they can.

  9. TasTVcameraman

    Some good interviews done, but sometimes hard to understand what they were saying.

    I think it is a good idea to have people introducing shows, better than just starting them like 7TWO do.

  10. I honestly don’t understand how they stayed on the air for so long. The true sign of how juvenile and self-absorbed their ‘humour’ was always came in the form of the off-screen crew member who would give hearty chuckles at their sketches (was everything a private in-joke?) while people at home would just wait for the sitcoms to air. My only guess as to how they lasted was that the linking segments were some sort of loophole to meeting ‘local content’ requirements.

    As for why they left, there were articles elsewhere claiming that Labby’s wife got a job in NZ, and he’s relocating there with her.

  11. Thank God! About time! Worst TV hosts ever. I don’t really care anymore since Eleven/Ten got rid of the 6:30pm Couch Time that used to introduce Neighbours. Now Couch Time only airs between old repeats and ends before Family Feud starts.

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