NBC orders new pilot of Strange Calls adaptation

Third time lucky for the US take on a little-known ABC2 comedy.

3strcNBC is going back to try its luck with an US adaptation of ABC2’s Strange Calls.

This will be the third time the format has attempted to be adapted for the US, twice by the American ABC network.

The original series which screened quietly on ABC2 in 2012, starred Toby Truslove as a cop in a beachside town where weird things occur, alongside Barry Crocker as a night security man.

The first adaptation by Donick Cary (New Girl) was never cast and did not move forward.

Blake McCormick (Cougar Town) will now pen the script and executive produce alongside Aaron Kaplan, and Tracey Robertson of Hoodlum Entertainment.

The Strange Calls is one of several ABC formats having US adaptations including The Slap, Rake and Review. Other shows such as The Straits, A Moody Christmas, Lowdown and Laid were also previously earmarked for adaptation.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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