Today Tonight breaches couple’s privacy

2014-01-20_1231It may only be airing in some states rather than nationally but Today Tonight is still under the eye of media watchdog, The Australian Communications and Media Authority, which has found a broadcasting breach.

A November 2013 segment (when the show was still airing nationally) has breached the personal information and privacy provision sections of  the Code of Practice .

A story on a dispute over the sale of a house invaded the privacy of the couple living on the property when the program filmed through a window and inside the house. The reporter named the street and suburb, and footage clearly showed personal information and signatures on a contract relating to the property.

ACMA was satisfied that the material used in the broadcast related to the complainant’s personal or private affairs, intruded upon the complainant’s seclusion in more than a fleeting way and was not readily available from the public domain.

It also ruled there was no identifiable public interest reason for broadcasting the material and consent was not obtained.

“The privacy requirements of the Code are there to protect people’s personal information where there is no clear public interest in disclosure,” said ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman.

Southern Cross Television Pty Ltd, licensee of TNT Tasmania has undertaken to provide a copy of the decision to senior news and current affairs staff and senior management, and to include it in future training sessions. It has also provided a copy of the report to the Seven Network, where it will be circulated to relevant staff and included in future training sessions.


  1. Secret Squirrel

    The staff must be quite forgetful given how often they seem to require training on this sort of thing.

    @JoshS – ACMA stopped using paper ages ago because it can give you a bit of a nasty cut when you’re handling it. A soggy lettuce leaf is the standard punishment now.

  2. Hear that?

    That was the sound of ACMA wetting a piece of paper. Man TT is gonna have a sore wrist from that slap.

    Well, maybe not a sore wrist, but a wet one. Lucky they have never done this sort of thing before…oh, wait, they do it weekly.

    Go ACMA go :/

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