Melissa Doyle: “It took a little while to get over it”

Melissa Doyle gave a frank but classy interview about her feelings on leaving Seven after 25 years.

Melissa Doyle has given a classy interview around how she felt leaving Seven network after 25 years.

She left Seven in August amid staff redundancies during the pandemic. Across more than 2 decades she covered 11AM, Today Tonight, Sunrise, Seven News and Sunday Night.

Coronavirus was the last big news story she covered on The Latest.

“I had to adjust in so many ways. I’d been there for so long that I felt like I was part of the furniture. It took a little while to get over it. I decided that it was okay to do that,” she told Tory Archbold’s Powerful Steps podcast.

“I felt grateful that I could go out on a high. We were doing around the clock coverage. It was the biggest story of the century.

“I felt grateful to leave on a professional high, personally it was a great thing to finally get to a point where someone said ‘good luck for your next adventure, time for a change’.

“Change is so important, and is healthy for you.”

Doyle also told Archbold she has no regrets in leaving Seven, but that it wasn’t a personal decision.

“It’s never a personal decision when a company lets someone go. So I just said ‘that’s the way it is’.

“I got quite teary with some of the lovely messages. I really genuinely meant it, and still do to this day. I had the most extraordinary opportunities to be a journalist… to have the chance to do that, cover the stories, meet the people I did.

“You can look at something one of two ways. I’m a glass half full person, I chose to say thank you. That was wonderful, thanks for the ride.”

You can listen to more here.

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