Update: The Mentalist, Person of Interest

2013-11-24_2117Even in summer there’s no guarantee shows will get an uninterrupted run.

Nine has made an amendment next week which sees new episodes of The Mentalist and Person of Interest replaced with movies.

It’s not clear if the move is due to ratings numbers for the shows.

Sunday Jan 11
8pm 60 Minutes (rpt stories)
9pm Movie: The Next Three Days rpt
11:40pm Dallas

Monday Jan 12
7:30pm Fast4 Tennis
9:30pm Movie: The Rebound rpt


  1. This is why, in the olden days David, this time of year was and still is called “The Silly Season”. As mentioned earlier in posts to these forums our household views plot based drama only and Person of Interest is one of the very few number one programmes aired in Australia, we also said we don’t watch them until we have all the episodes, the advertisers of POI get nothing from us, regardless of what AUSTAM says. We won’t be watching channel nein’s films. Thanks

  2. I thought it would have made more sense to air these during summer in a decent timeslot. Nine doesn’t seem to accommodate these sort of shows during ratings season, so why not finish them off now?

  3. I found it so annoying that 9 (Sydney, Dec 29) shoved in two extra eps of the Big Bang Theory at 9pm, pushing PersonOI back to a 10pm start – which pushed the second POI episode 30 mins out of my time-shifted set-up on the recorder.

    What hope do they have?

  4. Wow – the only two shows I am watching on Nine at the moment.

    What do they expect though in terms of ratings seeing these shows have been inconsistently scheduled over the past year or so…

    Swapping them with movies simply makes it even worse

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Fans of PoI prob aren’t waiting for Nine to get around to showing it at random times/days. Nine treated them appallingly with S2 and S3 and they have found alternatives. Casual viewers have simply given up.

    Once they go they don’t usually come back. The commercial networks have had ample opportunity to learn audience behaviour but their hubris lets them down every time.

  6. The Mentalist and Person of Interest are two shows that go straight to my PVR. Not wanting to waste new eps during non-ratings? Worried by TEN’s stripping of movies in primetime m-f? TEN isn’t using pop-up ads and ads on it’s watermark during the movies but it hasn’t stopped me putting a post-it note over the w/mark! Pity that TEN’s movie library is underwhelming. However, on thurs I’ll be watching District 9 for free, courtesy of Telstra’s “Thanks” promotion.

  7. Their plan was to show eps over Summer when they was no competition and hope that viewers started watching the shows again (and repeat the final Red John eps because hardly anybody watched those). But the Mentalist is ratings under 400k, POI worse, and they both skew older male.

    But they won’t have been happy finishing 3rd on Monday and getting 16% shares for their main channels. So they put on movies hoping they will generate a larger younger audience later into the night and rebuild an audience for Feb.

    They had already dumped the 10pm POI ep because it wasn’t rating it, and would leave them eps to show in January. The fact that the tennis means a late start may have also been a factor.

    Unless the movies rate much worse both shows will now sit in the vault until Nine has to burn off the eps.

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