Bumper MKR gives Winter strong start

MKR is thumping the competition and we're not even in ratings season yet.

2015-02-05_1009Ratings don’t officially begin until Sunday but Seven would be buoyed by the numbers they are getting for My Kitchen Rules.

After launching with 1.6m viewers on Monday last night it lifted to 1.7m viewers, thumping The Block (683,000) and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! (588,000). TEN’s series has fallen from its strong launch of 1.2m viewers on Sunday to half its audience. The Block appears to be suffering from taking too long to get to its final cast on The Block itself (there is another full week before that happens).

MKR also did the job in giving Winter a strong start, launching to 1.13m viewers -the second-highest show for the night. While not strictly head to head it trounced Nine’s movie The Blind Side (481,000) and the return of Wonderland (445,000) on TEN.

Full ratings wraps resume next week.

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  1. @Reuben. Your comments are disgusting and offensive. It’s wonderful to say that behind a keyboard but doubt you’d say them to a persons face. It’s TV for gods sake, something meant to bring people joy. If you dont like it you dont like it, but segregating people by demographics and weight is awful.
    David, while I commend you for providing this forum for people to discuss our passion for television, immature offensive comments like these should be moderated!

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