Emmys rule shake-up

Why Emmys latest rule change may be good news for Please Like Me.

2015-02-21_2111The Emmy Awards have made a number of changes to their rules including a major change that shows entered under the Comedy category must be no more than 30 minutes long.

The change means shows like Orange is the New Black, Shameless and Jane the Virgin will have to compete in the Drama category, against shows like Game of Thrones and The Good Wife. Shows such as Transparent and Nurse Jackie would still be eligible, even though they are more driven by drama.

But the move may mean Please Like Me has a better shot at snaring a nomination.

Another change sees Miniseries renamed as Limited Series, defined as “programs of two or more episodes with a total running time of at least 150 program minutes that tell a complete, non-recurring story and do not have an ongoing storyline and/or main characters in subsequent seasons.” This means anthology series such as True Detective and American Horror Story must compete alongside more traditional miniseries such as Olive Kitteridge, while short-run British dramas such as Downton Abbey, Sherlock and Luther will also have to compete as Dramas.

The Drama and Comedy categories has also increased, but only by the grand total of 1 each, to seven nominees.

Guest Actor categories will now exclude any actors that appear in more than 50 percent of a program’s episode.

Variety shows will now split into two different categories, outstanding talk variety and outstanding variety sketch — the latter presented in the Creative Arts ceremony.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Yes I think AHS gets it easy ny being put into this category. It has continuing actors, that maybe differnt roles, but often with similar characteristics. If this was the case 10 years back Desperate Housewives would have been in the drama category instead of the comedy category it was bizarly placed in. It does seem silly that the dramas that go for half an hour are in the comedy category though.

  2. I will never understand the hype for “Please Like Me” One of the most over-rated shows ever. Debra Lawrence is probably the best thing in it but it’s not an iconic show in any means.

  3. Very interesting changes, I’ve been following the Emmys for decades; the changes to formats and styles has certainly given the Academy some issues. I wish the Oscars would increase acting limits to 6 or 7 from the current 5. The American Horror franchise should be in Drama; unlike the one-off mini series/limited series.

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