Returning: Gardening Australia

Costa and the team return to ABC in early March.

2015-02-23_1457ABC’s Gardening Australia returns to screen Saturday March 7th at 6:30pm.

Join the Gardening Australia team as they head back outdoors to bring you inspiration and advice from across the country. Costa and the team will explore the incredible diversity of plants, marvel at the spaces they grow in, celebrate the passionate owners and encourage you to have a go yourself!

Tonight’s episode is full of practical ideas and inspiration for the start of autumn in your garden.

Costa introduces a family of beginners who are about to transform their backyard blank canvas into a productive and invigorating space.

Tino is back in The Patch demonstrating how to plant autumn vegies, Jane explores the colourful and creative garden of a previous winner of the Gardener of the Year competition, and there are tips and tricks galore from the rest of the team.

So grab your gloves and get stuck in!

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update, I will ensure I am not watching. Show has gone downhill in my opinion.

    I wonder why people think of changing formats and hosts………if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  2. Good, thought it’d be march again. I think GA isn’t as good as it once was. Since Costa came and the format changed, I haven’t really been a fan. The show needs to be less about visiting places and peoples houses and more about actual gardening tips again. Like yea it’s nice to see Alice Springs and aboriginal tucker, but I can’t really take that back to my home garden, well I suppose I could but I find it irrelevant. But I will watch again to see how I can expand my knowledge. I wonder what Peter Cundall thinks of the show these days.

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