TEN simulcasts I’m a Celebrity to boost audience

Ratings: It's a long way up, but a simulcast may help TEN to lift its audience for I'm a Celebrity.

2015-02-12_1003This week TEN has been simulcasting episodes of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! on ONE in a bid to lift its audience.

As TEN’s biggest and most expensive bet for the first quarter of the year there is a lot on the line with the show. Despite its strong launch numbers have dropped with My Kitchen Rules pummelling both TEN and Nine offerings in the timeslot. While there are some readers who welcome a shake-up in Reality offerings, the curiosity factor was short-lived for others.

Last night OzTAM indicates the show averaged 600,000 viewers in its slot (TEN indicates 610,000 for confirmed times), third in demos for its timeslot. But this includes audience share from ONE with the scheduled show White Collar not screening.

Numbers on separate channels are not available but with MASH scoring 181,000 on ONE at 7pm (prior to Celebrity simulcast) this gives us some indication of the kind of boost a simulcast may be adding to the total -anecdotal evidence, at best. Hawaii Five-0 which followed Celebrity on ONE was 48,000.

TEN is now simulcasting two of its primetime shows, in Family Feud and I’m a Celebrity, with regularity. Nine has also dabbled with simulcasts for two episodes of The Block.

Network feud over Family Feud ratings

Seven network won Wednesday with 35.6% then Nine 25.6%, ABC 17.2%, TEN 16.2% and SBS 5.3%.

My Kitchen Rules again finished the night streets in front of the competition with 1.63m viewers. Seven News (997,000 / 964,000) was next then Winter (918,000), Home and Away (892,000), Criminal Minds (431,000) and Million Dollar Minute (419,000).

Nine News (987,000) / 959,000) led for Nine followed by A Current Affair (924,000), The Block (720,000), Forever (619,000 / 522,000) and Hot Seat (508,000).

ABC News (794,000) was best for ABC then the return of Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (768,000), 7:30 (716,000), QI (622,000), Judith Lucy is All Woman (580,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (370,000).

TEN Eyewitness News was 571,000 for TEN, The Project was 494,000 / 437,000, Wonderland was 438,000. The Good Wife was 296,000.

Walking Through History was 295,000 on SBS ONE then Air Crash Detectives (161,000), SBS World News (138,000). Rectify was just 59,000.

Sunrise: 333,000
Today: 310,000
ABC News Breakfast: 98,000 / 45,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 11 February 2015


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  1. These Simulcasts are for couch potatoes too lazy to reach for the remote.
    @jking_ok. I doubt if the Networks schedule “encores” for the benefit of PVR owners. Networks hate PVR’s, it encourages ad skipping. 3 tuner PVR’s must be their worst nightmare.

  2. Why were these channels created in the first place. Why can’t put some compelling tv on eleven or some of the other multi channels. Why cant they do it like the UK. I which we had freeview uk or how it is setup. I’ll stick with Foxtel for now.

  3. Look at the ONE share as a result of the simulcast – 1.5% – just 0.1% above SBS2 – would easily have been over 2% if ONE didn’t effectively have a zero rating from 7.30-8.45pm. Again the network suffers.

    Now – if the ONE broadcast of Celeb was live to all markets – I don’t think there would be any complaints! It could even boost the show. I note that in the past few episodes they have stopped joking about the timezones in relation to when voting closes.

  4. Enough with the Simulcast, and the endless repeats through the week. And which genius though it was a good idea to repeat Shark Tank at 10pm during Animation Fixation on ELEVEN last night?

  5. Not happy TEN, I do not mind IAC but when it takes off White Collar then I get really angry. TEN do not be stubborn, cut The Project back to 30 mins and screen the full version later. TEN do not take off new series, or why not put it on Eleven. Sorry but this kind of stupid programming decisions makes me really wonder. I have turned off Family Feud because of simulcasts, was the idea of multi channels to have greater choice………not the same thing. Better still why not put MKR on all digital channels, forget about different channels.

  6. I was wondering why Sons of Anarchy started later than the scheduled time but now I know. Ten have messed up the start times for all the other shows on One following I’m a Celebrity. Its a pity they’re doing this because Wednesday night on One has some pretty decent drama shows.

    1. @oceanographer – what season of SOA were you watching? I watched season 5 last year on ONE and they said season 6 would be on in 2015….I am hoping this was a repeat of an earlier season….I have not seen season 6 yet and hope I didn’t miss the first episode 🙁

  7. Not the best option. I am surprised no-one has raised what was said on Reality Bites. There is a problematic scenario when you believe it bad TV to set up constant tricks and tasks and then do precisely that in your show. There is no point them being in Africa. It is a totally useless setting for what it being aired and they need to stop doing the same ole things we have seen over and over in BB etc. Articles such as one that appeared yesterday talking about the oh-so-mean dude who creates the food tasks is starting to show their desperation. MKR did a smart media move today in the public vote for what treat food one of the show experts must cook. Finally, someone understanding a little about audience engagement in 2015.

  8. We don’t watch the show because of the inane comments of Julia Morris so cringe worthy & Dr Chris please stick with being a vet which you are very good at, Maureen has been good a better actress than we thought but we only watched the first two episodes

  9. It would be better if our FTA’s were allowed to have another SD channel being a +1hr delay of their primary channel. They have this for the FTA primary channels in the UK, and as we’ve see it’s a success on Foxel with their +2 channels. However, by giving them the channel they should be forced to start and end shows on the hour\half hour and not simulcast.

    1. The networks have each been allotted one radio frequency channel for each broadcast area. If they were to cram another data stream (TV “channel”) into it, they would have to reduce the bitrate (quality) of the other streams. It ain’t gonna happen.

  10. Well I was keen to watch a new White Collar last night, but thanks to I’m A Celebrity .. get me a simulcast (which I’m not interested in) the Ten network lost me as a viewer completely. I’m not going to sit through just anything on ONE, I wanted to watch a specific show, ridiculous programming.

    1. This is exactly what I was saying yesterday about simulcasts – they immediately lose all the viewers who would have watched the alternative show at that time – these viewers do not stay for the simulcast. Numbers do not get boosted at all.

      Furthermore, this concept of simulcasting realities to boost numbers is in direct contradiction to the reason the networks have given us for years for not simulcasting major events like football grand finals in HD on their HD channel.

  11. Not of fan of simulcasts. Simply reduces viewer choice.

    Winter lost a couple of hundred thousand viewers from last week. 9pm is too late to star airing dramas.

    Didn’t watch forever as it was on nine and we all know how they treat their viewers. I suspect with those numbers it will be moved or gone pretty soon.

  12. If TEN’s simulcast on ONE only replaced repeats then I wouldn’t have a problem with it – especially given it means that they are airing a primary channel series in HD. But when they go and simulcast by bumping premiere content (a series which has only 4 episodes left) really frustrates me. White Collar better be back next week otherwise ONE really will be a useless sister channel.

    1. That’s the problem when networks don’t fast track dramas from overseas. Its too easy to see spoilers and it ruins the viewing experience. Networks simply want to keep operating in the same archaic ways.

  13. Simulcasts are not viewer friendly. They reduce choice at key viewing times and force people to rely on pvrs. I think they have a place in launches but not on an ongoing basis (however even when Seven did that on 7mate with My Kitchen Rules I hated it because I don’t watch that). More viewer friendly is the encore presentation because these give the program clear air and a chance for people with pvrs to record it when there are likely less program clashes. These encores must be aggregated into the timeshifted ratings though along with catch up.

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