Vale: Norman Yemm

Renowned Australian actor Norman Yemm, best known for Homicide and The Sullivans, has died.

2015-02-05_1103Renowned Australian actor Norman Yemm, best known for Homicide and The Sullivans, has died, aged 81.

Yemm was prolific in Australian television appearing on many productions -particularly for Crawford Productions- including Hunter, Riptide, Boney, Homicide, Number 96, The Sullivans, Division 4, Matlock Police, Prisoner, A Country Practice, Neighbours, Possession, The Flying Doctors, Tandarra, Ryan, State Coroner, The Henderson Kids, A Fortunate Life, The Petrov Affair, G.P., Blue Heelers and Something in the Air.

But he was also at home on stage appearing in musicals such as Oklahoma, South Pacific, Paint Your Wagon, The Sound of Music, Gilbert & Sullivan and the Australian Opera Company.

Homicide really was my first big break, I loved it,” he once said. “In those days we used to get a lot of fan mail sent to [the real] Russell Street police station. It just shows that people were convinced our roles were authentic.”

Lorraine Bayly, who performed with him on The Sullivans, told 3AW, “It’s a sad, sad thing. He was such a lovely, lovely man and such a good actor.

“You could just rely on him totally.”

A Seven spokeswoman said he was “a much loved member” of the Homicide cast.

“Norman was an understated person, who gave his best to each and every performance, which is why audiences loved his work,” she said.

A Channel Nine spokeswoman also paid tribute to Yemm as “an important part of the early years of drama at Nine”.

Source: Fairfax, News Corp

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  1. Sad news indeed. I remeber him most from playing Norm in The Sulllivans. He was one of a few that were in it from start to end. Also remember his Neighbours role as an early love interest for Madge and Ben Mendolson’s father.

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