1. I just wish Nine would quarantine all the cricket to GEM. I’m sick of my favourite programs such as Hot Seat and A Current Affair being pulled to show endless hours of this cr*p, especially four weeks into the NRL season with the AFL about to start.

  2. nathan949949

    It is very interesting that last year most of the time Nine News had the viewers but now Seven News is doing much better with viewers. Personally I like Seven News better. Just thought that it was interesting.

  3. Watched a very good cricket match last night. That just illustrates there is a place for some matches to be broadcast on free to air that don’t involve Australia during a big event such as a world cup. Its seems lately there is a push for more sports on foxtel. With two multi channels per network available there should be a place for free to air viewers to access more sporting matches especially when you consider those channels are often filled with repeated content. As someone who focuses more on timely availability of content rather than picture quality it came as a surprise how noticeably better the picture quality on gem was last night for the cricket. I further get the push for more sport in HD.

    • I too noticed a better picture on GEM,especially the umpire’s review of whether the ball had deflected of the spider cam guy wires,could clearly see the wires against the night sky whereas I wouldn’t have noticed them in SD.

  4. [email protected]

    Hi David
    the picture depicting yesterday’s cricket match shows the Australian team – who weren’t playing. It was South Africa vs New Zealand.

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