Kylie, Daniel light up the screen together


It looked like Love at First Sight on The Project as guest co-host Kylie Minogue met sports star Daniel Ricciardo last night.

“I think my quick change is kind of like your pit stop,” she told him.

If it wasn’t cupid’s arrows it was certainly mutual admiration with the singing star asking the F1 driver for “not one, not two, but three autographs?” for herself and two nephews.

“I’m blushing!” he replied.

Meanwhile the chemistry was zinging across the desk, with panelists in awe of two Aussie superstars.

Kylie had to turn to Ricciardo for help when Pete Helliar asked her if Sebastian Vettel had named a car after her?

“What do you call the back of a car?” she whispered.

“A good rear end!” he offered. More red faces and peals of laughter.

Kylie didn’t quite fill the bill as a full guest co-host, appearing for one interview and two further stories, but she made up for it with her natural charm.

No doubt many were left wondering if the chemistry continued after the credits rolled…


  1. It was great and lots of fun. I didn’t know much about Ricciardo except for the obvious but what a lovely lovely man he is. I was again upset at watching Waleed earlier getting mad again because he couldn’t get his point of view across. Why do these television presenters think they are always right and everyone else is wrong? Steve Price did well to keep his cool!

    • I think most people get annoyed when they’re trying to make a point but keep getting interrupted, as was the case with Steve having his say but not letting Waleed respond.
      I’m guessing that your views are more aligned with Steve than Waleed ?

  2. I was expecting Kylie to be on a bit longer. But the segments were great all the same, even better when Daniel came on.

    They are a great match, not that we need to be pushing any rumors here LOL

  3. Yeah it was great….
    Important the Project has some more big names on so and get those ratings numbers up.

    For those who missed it…

  4. TasTVcameraman

    TV Gold, first night I had watched the Project for a long time, only tuned in because of Daniel and Kylie and I was not disappointed.

    I could have watched Neighbours live as they did not come on until the last half of the show but it was interesting seeing Kylie’s audition grab.

    • Well she’s old enough to be his mum, to start with. But stranger things have happened, a 21 year age difference may not be common, but it happens. And it’s a testament to Kylie that she looks so fabulous at 46. You can do all sorts of things to faces, but keeping bodies young-looking is a difference matter altogether.

      I thought they were both terrific. Kylie’s smile would win anyone over.

      • Maev....Sydney

        Thank you…I was just about to say that…Daniel and his partner are very tight…
        Just because two people talk and get on….does not make an instant romance…
        I think more a little bit of a mutual admiration society….

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