Nine under 800,000 on weak Wednesday

Ratings: Seven was out in front on Wednesday with Nine struggling to land a blow.


Wednesday proved to be a difficult night for Nine, unable to clear the 800,000 mark for any of its shows.

Nine News did win in Sydney and Melbourne markets but in total numbers it trailed Seven. The Block is still underperforming, but managed second in the Demos.

Elsewhere, TEN’s Attenborough special failed to fire and ABC scored some good numbers, including Judith Lucy winning her timeslot.

Seven network won the night by a mile with a 36.4% share then Nine 23.9%, ABC 17.4%, TEN 16.2% and SBS 6.1%.

My Kitchen Rules eliminated Queenslanders Sheri and Emilie to the tune of 1.6m viewers. Next for Seven were Seven News (966,000 / 909,000), Home and Away (863,000), Million Dollar Minute (496,000) and the movie Fast Five (480,000).

A Current Affair (798,000) actually topped Nine News (795,000 / 792,000), The Block (756,000), Forever (509,000 / 380,000) and Hot Seat (483,000).

ABC News was strong at 844,000 then Mad as Hell (735,000), 7:30 (670,000), Judith Lucy is All Woman (599,000), QI (597,000) and Would I Lie to You? (395,000).

TEN Eyewitness News was best for TEN on 528,000. The Project was 496,000 / 405,000, Wonderland was 401,000, a David Attenborough special struggled on 362,000 and The Good Wife was just 267,000.

Walking Through History (331,000) led SBS ONE followed by The Missing Evidence (303,000) well ahead of SBS World News (123,000) and Witnesses (91,000).

7TWO’s Inspector Morse (281,000) pipped Neighbours (280,000) on their 30th anniversary.

Sunrise: 335,000
Today: 304,000
ABC News Breakfast: 95,000 / 41,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 18 March 2015

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  1. The Block was very competitive against MKR in 2013 and 2014. If Nine had not milked it to death, they would easily be getting 1m each night. Even the News can’t crack 1m anymore – and you can’t really blame anything on that other than changing viewing behaviour.

  2. What gives with MKR? Its ratings success is mystifying. Perhaps it can be partly explained by those endless promos being force-fed onto a guileless public for what seems to be months on end. MKR is a MasterChef rip-off. Its judges – the Paleo one, in particular – are pompous and self-important; they lack the natural charm of the MasterChef trio. And as for the contestants…

    1. It’s not a Masterchef rip-off at all. It is a completely different show. The contestants are not really aiming to be chefs. And personally I find the MKR judges to be much more down to earth than the MC judges. Anyway, it rates through the roof, even after so many seasons, so they must be doing something right.

  3. It’s no surprise really. Nine are not offering anything exciting and really i don’t see much coming soon either. Nine will probably make inroads when The Voice begins but from what i am hearing that’s not due till a lot later this year. The Block isn’t firing and MKR is trouncing it. It even lost to I’m a Celebrity at times during the week. Nine have worn out the format.

    As for the news well as a whole ever since they’ve moved to an hour the ratings have fallen.

  4. Still don’t understand why QI in sandwiched between 730 and Mad as Hell – I get up and do something else and have to clock-watch so I don’t miss the beginning of MAH.

    Why ABC? From the ratings it’s not just me as well…

  5. The nbn rollout, Netflix and other streaming services will place immense pressure on networks. Their programmers who have treated audiences with such contempt for so long will finally get the payback they deserve. This could be the watershed year as viewers migrate in droves. The pressure is on

  6. Oh terrific, the two programmes we watch/record on a Wednesday Walking Through History and Forever (we got The Missing Evidence this week and it depends what the subject matter is for next week and beyond) and Forever will probably be ‘bumped’. What then? The ratings system is a joke and should be axed, it’s fascinating how folks just accept it as read

  7. Agree With You David::
    The news hour in Perth on Nine. Watch everynight. Cannot watch Today Tonight have stories on Sport not current affairs.
    Current Affair has more viewers at 7.00 Then they had before when on at 6.30.

  8. I have noticed with channel 9 over the years, if they get a hit programme think that’s its always going to stay that way for ever so really do overkill it and expect viewers not to get tired of watching it, but one can only take so much, also I agree that we need more Australian drama but feel when a good show is produced it does not get the viewers that you would expect, also bring back some comedy, that would be great.

  9. The fact that The Block is continuing its run of worst ratings ever must be alarming for Nine. And all this with weak competition from TEN. I thought it would increase to 900K -1m without IAC, but viewers have spread over many shows.

      1. It will be a renovation disaster. I think the first House Rules will go okay ans it is not as tired as Block and still fresh and focuses on renovations. But what with all the other shows Rumble and whatevers. It could be dire for networks. The numbers are declining and I wonder of they will improve in winter when so many are switching off live TV and choosing their own times or sources…

  10. I think the biggest issue with nine at the moment, is the block twice in one year. It did work well for a while, but people do lose interest, when something is on television for half the year, MKR works so well because it hasn’t lost its appeal (as of yet) due to seven only screening it once a year, and making it must watch television.

  11. FTA television really lacks pizazz at the moment. Is that because the networks have shifted focus to streaming services? If so, they shouldn’t take their eye of the prize and forget about audiences who won’t be subscribing away from traditional services. A new home grown long-form FTA drama would really capture peoples’ attention right now – and it seems C7 is the only network doing that with 800 Words (or whatever it’s called!)

    1. Free to air programmers no longer listen or care what their audience wants. They just expect viewers to be sheep and continue watching. I know where the off button is on the remote. Providing alternative streaming services gives people choice but its just scratching the surface. Free to air is really missing Australian drama right now. Viewers tend to forget about neighbours as its on eleven. home and away is “the braxtons” these days and wonderland and hiding just aren’t up to scratch. Overseas drama is airing too late a night.

  12. Nine has to take the gamble and relaunch after Easter .. Cut news back to half hour – ACA at 630 then whatever reality offering at 7.. Ten should have done the same with the project and put im a celebrity on at 7 .. Think it would have done a lot better than it did

    1. Not just Nine. Seven needs to do this as well. News does not need to be so stretched. We get it all day via the net so a shorter news would be better. I have stopped watching hour news services all together.

    2. Ratings for news has dropped for both Seven and Nine since they went to one hour – the fact they code them into two halves show they care about what each half hour rates. So many people both here and that I know no longer watch 6pm news now they are one hour. It seems the networks a doing the best they can to stretch everything out as far as they can as long as they can to save costs. Nine for example has non-stop news from 3pm – 7pm excluding the half hour Hot Seat is on.

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