Presto announces Free 30 Day Trial

Consumers are the winners with a free 30 day trial to Presto Movies and TV bundle now on offer.

prestoFoxtel has matched Stan’s free 30 day trial offer, by offering access to its Presto Movies and Presto TV bundle, normally $14.99 a month.

As the SVOD market heats up, with Netflix due to launch this month, consumers are the winners.

Presto TV has also added more HBO titles with full seasons of Rome, Hung, and Big Love.

Shaun James, Director of Presto and On Demand, said, “Since launching Presto Entertainment in January, we’ve been fine tuning the service with the constant addition of great new content and new devices and now is the ideal time to show it off for free for 30 days to subscribers eager for a chance to give it a test drive.”

Also premiering on Presto in March will be HBO telemovies Grey Gardens, Hemingway & Gellhorn, Temple Grandin,  You Don’t Know Jack and Game Change.

Meanwhile Presto TV, a joint venture between Foxtel and Seven today received approval from the ACCC.

Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel CEO, said, “We have big plans for Presto Entertainment to be a leading player in the SVOD space and are excited we can accelerate plans for Presto TV with our partners Seven West Media now that the ACCC has given their consent to our joint venture.

“Presto TV is an important part of the Foxtel suite of entertainment services we offer consumers which includes the full service Foxtel cable or satellite product, the IP-delivered Foxtel Play and the recently launched Foxtel Broadband product.”

Tim Worner, Seven West Media CEO, said, “We are up and running with Presto. We have great partners in Foxtel. The combination of the leader in subscription television and the leader in broadcast television – coupled with our strengths in content creation – delivers a compelling offer to our audiences on Presto. Our future is our content and our ability to deliver that content anywhere anytime on any device to our audiences.”
Presto’s free 30 day trial, along with its new programming lineup, comes on the heels of Presto’s expansion to a host of new compatible devices, including smartphones like the iPhone 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus as well select Android devices from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and ZTE.

To experience Presto for free for 30 days, new customers can visit www.presto.com.au and sign up today.

At the end of the 30 day free trial period, customers keen to stay on as Presto subscribers can choose between Presto TV or Presto Movies for $9.99 a month, or continue with a Presto Entertainment TV and movies bundle subscription for $14.99 a month, with no ongoing commitment*.

Presto Movies continues to offer movies from the major studios and key independents including MGM, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Roadshow Films, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Entertainment One Films Australia, ICON, Studiocanal and Transmission Films.

Presto TV brings together a vast collection of TV shows from quality production houses including HBO, SHOWTIME®, CBS Studios International, Viacom International Media Networks and Hasbro Studios as well as a range of some of the best local content from Foxtel, Seven Network and ABC Commercial.

Presto TV, Presto Movies and the Presto Entertainment bundle are currently available across Windows PCs, Mac, iPads, select iPhones and Android devices and via Google Chromecast. Subscribers can visit www.presto.com.au/devices to see the full range of supported devices. Subscribers can register up to four compatible devices and watch two devices simultaneously.

To subscribe or discover more about Presto TV, Presto Movies or the Presto Entertainment bundle, visit www.presto.com.au.

*refer Terms & Conditions.


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  1. “and now is the ideal time to show it off for free for 30 days”

    The fact that they are scrambling after 100+k people quickly signed up to Stan’s free one month trial is just a coincidence.

  2. I don’t get why Presto wouldn’t be immediately available on Foxtel IQ boxes, or Telstra TBoxes. Surely that would make sense to allow those consumers to link these boxes to a Presto account and allow users the chance to access Presto without additional hardware.

  3. I can’t believe these services are launching without apps on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. These devices are already hooked up to millions of TV’s in Australia, and it removes a key barrier to entry for these streaming services.

    Netflix and Quickflix already have these apps, and research shows that the consoles are the most commonly used devices to access streaming services due to the high adoption rate….

  4. Seven doesn’t even provide a plus 7 app for windows phone users so it doesn’t surprise me that presto also ignores that platform. Its less likely someone would be willing to subscribe if their device is not supported.

    Presto doesn’t initially sound appealing. Not sure they offer much for the higher price tag.

    1. I guess presto and 7 will have to lose out on the 7 windows phone users. Other than Hawaii five 0 and a person I used to work with, I have never seen a windows phone in action. Plenty of iOS devices and android devices on the train, even kindle, but no windows phone.

      1. Don’t see the point of ur comment. Who cares if u haven’t seen a windows phone in action. Just go see a display model at the telstra shop. My comment is no different to other people in tho thread who commented on the lack of airplay for their apple device or the lack of xbox or playstation app. They are functions/devices that don’t concern me but I don’t feel the need make an irrelevant comment about it.

    1. For many years now the default when building IOS/Mac apps is to allow AirPlay (providing you’re using the standard AV Foundation classes). You actually have to explicity set the ‘allowsAirPlay’ or ‘allowsAirPlayVideo’ property of the playback object to ‘No’ to disable it.

      You have to assume it’s a deliberate choice by Presto…

      1. Yes, no doubt it’s a deliberate choice. Either there are licensing issues from content providers, Presto doesn’t want to cannibalise customers from their Foxtel parent or they’re just trialling the new business to gauge customer take up and they’ll introduce it at a later date. Being able to use Chromecast muddies things. I can’t work out why one and not the other?

        1. And that last is the odd bit, especially since the Chromecast does not play well with the standard 25/50fps frame rates used in Australia. It only does 30/60fps and the field/frame doubling during conversion leads to juddering/shuddering on pans & fast action (or pulsing oversmoothed blurring if you turn ‘smooth motion’ / frame interpolation on in the TV).

          Basically, the Chromecast is a dog in the majority of the world which uses 25/50fps…

          (It’s been a problem

  5. No HD content so what is the point in this streaming service? At least Stan has HD content and Netflix will also be HD, FOXTEL & 7 need to get their act together or Presto will not be around for long.

    1. This is spot on. The problem Foxtel has is when they make Presto available in HD (which they have to, it’s ridiculous that it isn’t) then they will be hard pressed to continue charging $10p/m for it in their other services.

      Unless they charge extra for it in Presto, but that would be stupid as no other streaming service will charge more for higher resolution content (That said, Netflix is more expensive for 4K content).

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