Returning: Gold Coast Cops, Bondi Rescue.


TEN has confirmed the finale for I’m a Celebrity, as predicted 6:30pm Sunday March 15th with a 90 minute finale.

It follows the Australian Grand Prix, which should deliver some good numbers for the network.

In addition to Neighbours 30: The Stars Reunite on Monday March 16th, TEN confirms the return of Gold Coast Cops and Bondi Rescue at 7:30pm / 8pm Tuesday 17th.

On Wednesday 18th it’s Attenborough’s Great Natural Wonders at 7:30pm with Jamie’s Food Fight Club on Thursday 19th.

That probably suggests Modern Family, and possibly The Odd Couple, are being readied for Sunday March 22nd but that’s yet to be confirmed.


  1. Password is Taco

    I tried to watch the 1st ep. of The Odd Couple. Lasted about 4 minutes. It is terrible. Unfunny, poorly written and a stupid laugh track played every 20 seconds after every bad joke. Looked at the 2nd ep. and it was the same.

  2. I’m two eps in to The Odd Couple, and while its ok, it certainly wont do what Ten are hoping for… The laugh track just doesn’t need to be in Comedy anymore…

    I’ll wait and read when it airs about how people will compare it to The Millers exercise they had…

  3. Family Feud will air at 6pm following the Australian Grand Prix. Scorpion should go at 6.30pm on March 22 with The Odd Couple afterwards

  4. TasTVcameraman

    Does this also mean that White Collar will be back on One of a Wednesday evening. It has only been screened once before the simulcast gremlins started.

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