Teams revealed for Reno Rumble

8 teams from House Rules & The Block will renovate suburban homes chasing a $100,000 prize in Nine's new series.


Nine has announced the 8 teams from The Block & House Rules who will compete on Reno Rumble, a revived format expected to air after Easter.

Appearing from The Block are:
Josh (29) and Jenna (27), VIC – power couple from The Block 2011 and The Block: All Stars in 2013
Kyal (29) and Kara (27), NSW – the Super K’s from The Block: Fans v Faves in 2014
Michael (32) and Carlene (32), QLD – audience favourites from The Block Glasshouse in 2014
Ayden (31) and Jess (32), QLD – currently starring in The Block Triple Threat



Former contestants on House Rules are:
Carly (33) and Leighton (34), NSW – winners of House Rules season one in 2013
Michelle (50) and Steve (50), NSW – runners-up of House Rules season one in 2013
Nick (21) and Chris (26), VIC – brothers from House Rules season one in 2013
Jemma (28) and Ben (29), WA – newlyweds from House Rules season one in 2013

Scott Cam will host the series in which contestants renovate two suburban houses, with one team eliminated each week.

The homeowners are everyday Aussies who will have their dreams turned into reality as our superstar renovators transform their ordinary houses into stunning homes.

Who will reign supreme to collect the $100,000 winner’s cheque, with half going to the winning couple’s favourite charity?

Each home will be judged by interior design experts who have been briefed by the home owners on the style they want for their renovation.

Judging will be done ‘blind’ with judges not knowing who the teams are or which rooms they have renovated. A Reno Rumble base has also been fitted at Avalon airport. Teams also live in caravans around Melbourne during the production shoot, while the series has blue and red “cheerleader” visuals.

While The Block has under-performed this season, Seven is also set to launch a third season of House Rules following My Kitchen Rules.

Nine previously screened Renovation Rumble pitting contestants against designers from Changing Rooms and Location Location in 2003.

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  1. A Block devotee, I aling with many others didn’t watch the show because of a certain couple. I only watched once I’m a Celebrity finished tho not a must every night. It was also so biased and orchestrated in the editing this year. I agree it needs a bit of a break.

    1. I wasn’t alone with fans not watching the show for the same reason as me initially. They dropped off in droves after the favourites eliminations. I’m sure a large contribution to the drop in ratings.

  2. Nine would have to be really worried about rehashing old talent yet again.
    And series 1 House Rule contestants, who were they again?? Certainly the weakest of the crop.
    And then more Scott Cam.
    All feels very stale (no matter how much smoke and mirrors they throw at the promo).
    This will definitely affect the next series of the Block.
    Why are they running The Block into the ground like this??

  3. Saw an as for this last night- I actually laughed at how great the rivalry seems to be! I’m surprised that Channel 9 had to introduce the House Rules teams as “TV renovation stars” rather than saying “From House Rules”.

    Interesting that the HR teams are dressed in red, when both the Block and HR use red as their main colour, and that all the top three teams (from memory) from season 1 of HR signed on.

  4. Not sure if this will fare any better that The Block. Think people will tune into the first episode to see what its like and if its on the same lines as The Block think it might loose momentum quickly especially if they throw another season of The Block in again later in the year, think nine would be better to rest this show for a while.

  5. As much as I want it to flop, I think everyone is overestimating the good judgement of the general public. It will still rate the same as The Block is now. I honestly don’t see a reason why 9 should come 2nd this year. Just garbage.

  6. I was really surprised that they got Scott Cam to host this. I thought they may have tried more to differentiate this show from the Block and got someone else to host it. I don’t have a problem with Scott Cam but if he’s now hosting this along with 2 versions of the Block this year, he’s going to be on screen literally all year, 5 times a week, for about 90 minutes a night. Overkill much??

  7. You have to commend Nine Entertainment Co for starting to make big production shows for their secondary channels – because that is where this is going to finish up after the 1st week. And wait for the spin from Nine; it will go something like this “We launched RR on both Nine and Gem to allow the audience to sample the show before it continued on its planned home channel – GEM’

  8. Strange that WIN are not running promos for RR at all. Normally at this time in the cycle of a new show WIN run Nine’s promos with the advice “Coming Soon”, “Coming after Easter” or similar. In this case WIN’s silence has been deafening.

      1. So the commercials that have been running for the last week and a bit were lies. I would have thought you have seen the commercials and made a news item on their first showing.

          1. Yeah I saw the ad a lot last week too, maybe just here in Brisbane they showed the ad, Melbourne may not of shown it,
            I’m very happy with the teams, I’m looking forward to this, yes block is starting to get a bit old but I still in joy it with folks and if u record it it’s only half as long

  9. Renovation Rumble is not going to impact house rules. House Rules is about the house then the people and that’s why it has a strong following. As with The Block, RR is already about the people and just like The Block people are getting fed up with the childish antics, even the editing is aimed at kids now. All RR will do is dilute any interest in the second block.

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