Winter finale helps Seven take Wednesday

Ratings: Rebecca Gibney drama ends its season run with a timeslot win -where to from here?

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Seven’s Winter finished its run last night at 819,000 viewers, a slight increase on last week’s 804,000, both of which are on par with where the series sat for most of its run.

Factoring in healthy Timeshifted numbers will now come into play as the network mulls whether to renew the show or not. Comparatively, A Place to Call Home was not renewed when it was doing around 1.00m viewers -but period pieces are expensive and the show skewed older.

With its MKR lead-in Winter has done well in the demos, in a close tussle with Wonderland for younger viewers and in front with 25-54s. A renewal would be very likely.

Meanwhile The Block was flat with 638,000 viewers.

Seven network won the night comfortably with a share of 35.8% then Nine 25.1%, TEN 17.3%, ABC 16.1% and SBS 5.7%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 with 1.58m viewers for Seven then Seven News (990,000 / 926,000), Winter (819,000), Home and Away (818,000), Criminal Minds (479,000 / 274,000) and Million Dollar Minute (450,000).

Nine News (991,000 / 947,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (844,000), The Block (638,000), Hot Seat (548,000) and Forever (419,000). But Movie: The Lincoln Lawyer struggled on 176,000.

TEN Eyewitness News was 549,000 on TEN then The Project (521,000 / 411,000), Wonderland (494,000) and The Good Wife (284,000).

ABC News (774,000) was best on ABC then 7:30 (657,000), Mad as Hell (623,000), QI (545,000), Judith Lucy is all Woman (525,000), Antiques Roadshow (289,000) and Would I Lie to You? (283,000).

A controversial Missing Evidence theory pulled the best crowd on SBS ONE at 314,000 followed by Walking Through History (292,000), SBS World News (128,000) and Witnesses (89,000).

GO’s Skyfall movie topped multichannels at 278,000.

The Morning Show: 143,000 / 84,000
Mornings: 118,000
Studio 10: 50,000 / 30,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday March 11 2015

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  1. Didn’t watch it but was hoping something half decent would be on next Wednesday 18MAR15, Fast Five, fair dinkum? They must be jokin’ Oh well it is Aussie tv, dysfunctional one day, chaotic the next with a touch of lunacy the next

    1. Crap choice for 7 to schedule a movie next Wednesday. So does that mean that viewers have to wait till after easter for anything new to be scheduled? The commercial networks are just giving viewers reasons to turn the tv off.

  2. agreed, its mediocre, nothing special, but Gibney is popular & a drawcard for fans.
    A little off topic & maybe it has already been discussed before but why do advertisers think older/senior/retirement age people don’t spend money?? My comment is partly in response to “but period pieces are expensive and the show skewed older.”
    Do they just spend less money? i would think nowadays they would have more disposable income because some get their super payouts or downsize their home whereas 25-54 (wouldnt the demo be more like 25-40?) are too busy being mortgage poor! Or is it more about the sort of products they spend their money on?

  3. As I’ve stated on a couple of other posts on this site, the ‘Missing Evidence’ doco on SBS was both compelling and reasoned, and most importantly not a nutbag conspiracy piece-well worth seeing in repeat-a gem amid a steaming pile of faux reality crap!

  4. As observed here Winter wasn’t special enough – a solid if conventional crime drama with a few predictable twists and turns. The writing was not good enough to stand out and at times it was downright lazy when it fell back on a few soapy tropes – particularly around the inter-personal relationship complexities which can be distracting. The greatest strength of the series is also it’s greatest weakness – Rebecca Gibney has significant audience appeal – but she’s done so much for so long, it adds to the feeling of “we’ve seen this before”.

  5. Winter wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that good either – not anything we haven’t seen before.
    Similar to shows like City Homicide.

    Re IAC, Joel was entertaining but he didn’t deserve to win – too much backstabbing from him and Chrissie.
    Hope Chrissie doesn’t win as she has come across as two faced at times and she has been the only celeb who has continually baulked at doing the challenges.
    Maureen is certainly one of a kind- sweet but clueless.
    The final two should definitely be Barrie and Freddie. They have completed every challange without whingeing and haven’t once let the team down.
    Freddie deserves to win though as he’s so damn likeable and really funny
    A real pot stirrer but in a good natured way, never malicious.

    1. Yes just watched Winter finale and its ok, a little pedestrian, but easier to follow than How to Murder.

      As for Celeb that pretty much sums up my views. Joel was strong and committed in the challenges as well as an entertainer. I am not a Chrissie fan, but not a hater either, the others just deserve it more. There is a considerable amount of dislike towards Chrissie on Celebs FB page, it will be interesting to see how tonights vote goes, very unpredictable

      1. Yes, I noticed all the contempt for Chrissie on the FB page.
        Think it is a combination of her and Joel’s entitled attitude, ie, they thought they had the winner’s crown in the bag, their continual backstabbing and criticism of other contestants and Chrissy’s reluctance to have a proper go at the challenges.

        Used to like her before but after seeing her often negative attitude on IAC, not so much now.

        1. what negative attitude?? agree though she does seem to think she has a good chance of winning & they stick together in a bit of a click. But is there anything wrong with someone being confident in their popularity?

    2. I agree regarding Chrissie. I thought I was the only one who felt that she was insincere. And it felt like it was all about her at the group challenge when she finally did it. She may be Australia favorite but she is not the only celebrity that is doing it tough in the jungle.

  6. So bored watching home and away last night. The unnecessary dragging out of another Braxton storyline. Not looking fwd to having to sit through double and triple eps which will air at some point to make up for 7 currently only airing 4 eps a week the way the storylines are going at the moment.

    Winter was an anticlimax. The storyline wasn’t worth 6 episodes. A telemovie would’ve have sufficed.

    1. I have also noticed from the Back to the Bay website that Home and Away will be playing 4 episodes on Thursday 26 March 2015. According to Back to the Bay they are Episodes 6154-6157. I wish Channel 7 would go back to playing Home and Away 5 nights a week Monday to Friday at 7:00pm. It is made this way so why can’t they do it? I know they have an issue with Better Homes & Gardens and the Football but I don’t understand it and no-one in my household wants to watch Football.

  7. I have watched Winter on catch up, its actually ok. Just can’t be bothered watching it live to air due to my perception of guessing the start time and too many adds. I know there are adds on catch up, but I watch it while I work so they are easy to ignore. I thought Celeb numbers might move up a bit stronger this week, I correctly guessed Anna would be 1 of the 2 evicted. I thought it was way too close to call which one of the other 5 would go. Joel has been good value, hopefully it will give his career a bit of a boost….

    1. I haven’t used Plus7 in ages (more than a year) but my ad blocker worked a treat. No annoying interruptions, no need to mute the boosted audio, saved about ¼ the time. Highly recommended.

  8. How does the Project repeat get so many viewers. It gets nearly double than Good Wife and almost equal to Wonderland. Maybe Ten should run it an hour earlier to see if it can get more ratings.

      1. Thanks, David, for the elucidation. Like hotgoat I assumed the 2nd figures were for the 2nd instance of the program.
        Have you considered publishing a ratings timeline? When Nine News loses 50,000 viewers the line would indicate where they went. With an axis in 5min blocks, and with ad breaks running to 5mins, one could ascertain the channel surfing viewers that sampled elsewhere and never came back!
        A thesis awaits, “Attention Deficit Syndrome amongst Sydney TV viewers by Age Group Demographic using a representative sample.”

        1. I encourage readers to view ratings performance with other ratings data published across the site, such as rankings, demos, Timeshifted and weekly results published on Mondays. Rankings clearly indicates Project is divided into two halves as per News. If I was to spend any more time fragmenting and analysing ratings in various forms I would need to pull back on other aspects of the site. So I feel TVT offers plenty of info at your finger tips whereas a lot of other media just write about Total People overnight headlines.

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