Romper Room reunion

Adelaide children’s show Romper Room, which ran from 1965 – 1974 is set to have a reunion to mark its 50th Anniversary.

The Seven children’s show ran various versions in different cities.

Last night the SA edition of Today Tonight ran a segment on the upcoming reunion, to be held at the the Rob Roy Hotel on July 25.

The kid with the chook plans on attending!

You can check out more info on Facebook.


  1. themanfromoz

    I was a Romper Room kid as well.
    Dropped the tray of milk and everything lol.
    Does anyone remember the ABC show that was setup like a circus and balloons came down at the end of the show? Was made in Sydney.

  2. SAS-10 24/12/74
    6.45am Test Pattern (C)
    7am The New Earlybirds
    8.35 Romper Room
    9.30 Test Pattern (C)
    Was on SAS-10, which is now SAS-7.
    In Melbourne it was on ATV-0 and in Sydney on ATN-7. In Brisbane on QTQ-9.

  3. David, are you sure it was on Seven in Adelaide in the 1960s? SAS7 was SAS10 in the 1960s, swapping with ADS7 in the late 1980s. Most stations did their own Romper Room, including NBN3 in Newcastle.

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