Update: Downton Abbey, Australia: The Story of Us.

Two shows moving to Thursdays, possibly to make room for MKR on Sundays.


Downton Abbey and Australia: The Story of Us are returning to Seven in the week that ratings resume, April 12th, but will no longer be on Sunday nights.

Australia: The Story of Us resumes at 8pm Thursday April 16th followed by Downton Abbey at 9pm and State of Affairs at 10pm.

Seven has a TBA at 7pm on Sunday April 12, which could well mean My Kitchen Rules, with Sunday Night at 8:30pm.

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  1. How bad are they. They advertise that Downtown Abbey will be on Thursday after Easter but it is nowhere to be found in the TV listings. Channel 7 do what they like with the time slots and wonder why nobody is loyal to free TV. Channel 7 did exactly the same with The Blacklist. Idiots working the programming and they will never keep up with the other channels.

    1. Ratings week or not, 7 advertised “Thursday after Easter”. As usual treating viewers like dirt by moronic programmers. When you mess around with programs people lose interest altogether in the end. Not as bad as SBS and “The Fall” debacle. A brilliant thriller and then leave you hanging at the end of the first series. No idea when they’ll broadcast Series 2. “Maybe sometime next year”. Pathetic.

  2. Seven announced that these two were returning on Thursdays after Easter (at the end of every ad break in the last eps) when they dumped them. They want the ratings for both shows (just not in Sunday) so they won’t put them on too late.

    It’s because both shows are not rating well and skew older. Nine was managing to win the younger demographics and stay close (and even won once) in total viewers on Sunday night with The Block, 60m and old movies. So Seven is beefing up its Sunday nights.

    MKR is the only thing that will rate better on Sunday nights, Seven has run promos for Sunday Night returning after Easter. And they’ll probably stick with double episodes of Castle (the 2nd being an unlisted repeat).

  3. For some reason MKR rates no matter where is it, why not put that on Thursdays rather than messing around with a drama and documentary which are holding steady in the ratings, which is a hard act these days – mainly because of reality screwing timeslots over.

    1. Seven took to long to air Downton and now the show is getting played around with. Downton has always aired on Sundays and moving timeslots usually means shedding viewers because people don’t want to chase around their shows. There is only one season left of Downton. Seven should fast track the last season rather than delay.

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