Bumped: How to Get Away with Murder


Seven has pulled How to Get Away with Murder from its Tuesday night slot, after returning it last week.

Instead Seven is running double episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares followed by Grey’s Anatomy.

But it resumes in two week’s time in a new slot, at 10:40pm Monday June 1st.

This will be Episode 11 of a 15 episode debut season.


  1. blackcherrybutterfly

    I can not understand why channel 7 would bump this show to televise two gordon ramsey shows that another channel has already televised a couple of years back (think it was channel 9). I am really enjoying the How to Get Away with Murder series and was annoyed that it was cancelled, especially for repeated shows.

  2. Thanks so much for the update David. Have been searching for information since noticing that the next episode is not queued on my Foxtel IQ (the only way I discovered the episode 10). It’s an outrageous way to treat viewers, but cements my decision to continue to move away from free to air.

  3. Seven certainly killed this show. Three months ago it was advertised in every ad break and now, burned off to the Heroes/Prison Break werewolf time slots of the past

  4. I watched this because it was given great reviews. Truth is, it is not very good and if I had to watch Viola Davis sniffle through another scene, i was going to kill someone!

  5. Viewers were just hanging in to finally see how Sam was murdered. Seven gave them a chance to get out of the habit of watching, and they took it.

    It didn’t work in Australia and it doesn’t matter to Seven where they burn off the last handful of S1 eps.

    • It was rating in the 500k’s before seven took the unnecessary long break and then they didn’t promote it’s return at all. Noone knew it was back, that’s why it rated 182k. Not just because everyone had given up on it.

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