Returning: How to Get Away with Murder

Set those PVRs kids. 7flix is squeezing out multiple episodes you've been waiting a year for.

How to Get Away with Murder finally returns for Season 5 on 7flix.

This is a year overdue from its US debut and once again Seven is squeezing out multiple episodes with 3 due to screen from 10:30pm Sunday on 7flix. Set those PVRs kids.

Three more will air 11:30pm Monday October 21 and another 3 from 10:30pm Sunday October 27.

Meanwhile the sixth and final season is already underway now in the US… probably due on 7flix in 2029.

7 Responses

  1. I started to watch it when it first came to 7 but got sick of chasing it around the schedule. I’ve now managed to watch the first four seasons on Netflix. I guess they’ll be adding season 5 once it’s finished airing on 7 so I’ll probably just stream it.

  2. Haha so true, just like Chicago fire etc, put on late night a year behind and double up episodes so why hold onto them for so long just to dump them all within a couple of weeks with all the channels they have, doesn’t make much sense to the viewer.

  3. Thank you for making me laugh in the last line. If it wasn’t for you I would probably cry. I still cannot comprehend why 7 has ‘21’ channels but have had no where to screen it in the last 12 months!

    1. Yeah, thanks David. Thanks for calling it like it is! Six episodes a week means we’ll be done in two weeks… I’m sure the last will be a quadruple. Let’s hope Greys doesn’t meet a similar fate!

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