Airdate: Marry Me. Update: Quantico

A few changes to 7flix next week.

On Sunday Marry Me begins. This is a 2014 sitcom starring Casey Wilson and Ken Marino whose long-term relationship detours down a bumpy road after a proposal. 18 episodes were produced in total.

After an angry tirade unknowingly ruins her boyfriend Jake’s (Ken Marino) surprise marriage proposal, Annie (Casey Wilson) must apologize and regain his trust so that he’ll ask again.

This airs as double episodes at 11pm Sunday June 11.

Quantico, which was due on Monday is currently out of schedule with a double episode of How to Get Away with Murder at 10:30pm. It’s not clear if it will return a week later as yet.


  1. According to Foxtel EPG, it is Monday week multiple Big Bang episodes till around midnight with HTGAWM on Tuesdays after multiple Big Bang episodes around 11.20pm and Battle Creek around 11.45pm Wednesdays after, again, multiple Big Bang eps. Can we all agree to stop watching Big Bang ….. please.

    • If viewers “stop watching Big Bang” it means that 7’s saturation strategy has worked. Just watch BB on Nine and ignore the other channels.

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