Seven’s crazy scheduling of Quantico

Quantico fans (those of you who are left) there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is the show returns for the third and final season this Sunday night. The bad news is the scheduling is so ridiculous you will struggle to see it all or even get it onto your PVR.

13 episodes will playout across three channels.

Try and get your head around this one….

Season 3 Sunday September 22 (and into Monday Sept 23):

10:30pm Ep 4
11:30pm Ep 5
12:30am Ep 6
1:30am Ep 7
2:30am Ep 8
3:30am Ep 9
4:30am Ep 10

12am Ep 1
1am Ep 2
2am Ep 3

12am Ep 11
1am Ep 12
2am Ep 13

Yes you read correctly. Quantico will be on 3 different channels at the same time. And Episodes 4 and 5 will commence on 7flix before Episode 1 begins on Seven.

This is clearly a move to playout before rights expire and facilitate a 7plus screening.

These episodes aired in the US in April 2018.

In May Seven also screened The Whispers on dual channels at the same time.

Updated: Seven advises single eps will remain on Seven on Sunday nights, with ep 4 due on 29 September (technically Mon 30) etc.


  1. Some more Quantico programming fun!
    S1 will be repeated in 4 ep blocks on 7Flix early Thursday 26th, then Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and finishing Thursday 3rd. S2 single ep repeats continue early Tuesday mornings on 7, with S3 on 7 from Monday the 30th.

  2. The catch up services also need to look at the frequency of the same ads time and time again. I get the need to put ads in the show, but really 7 and 9 who is running the business, I saw the same ad at every break last night. I stream the show now, because I can’t get good reception here.

  3. Ch7 could have had this aired and done ages ago if it weren’t for the obsession of showing Bones and Criminal Minds on 7Flix. Ch7 really need to do a reshuffle on the programming on all there channels.

    • Yip, actually enjoyed this show until I lost track and when I picked it up again it seemed I was in a different season, so I just gave up. How to get away with murder, same thing happened so now I patiently waits for Netflix and watches it add free instead…

  4. Wow, that’s ridiculous. A prime example of no respect for audiences. I would like to see it through to the end want to make sure they can’t have it all their way – so in quiet protest I’ll go out of my way not to watch a second of an ad break or promo for any Seven show for as long as it takes me to complete the series.

  5. Boarding on the ridiculous. This shows me 7 do not care one iota about loyal fans. I personally stopped watching back in season 1 from memory. Too much rescheduling and I couldn’t be bothered keeping up. Such a shame because I did enjoy it. And agree with comments below. Hardly watch 7 anymore and anything I do watch is taped and watched later (risky because show times change week to week).

    • Time changes and what eventually killed it for me, overruns. My Fox can only add 20 minutes and you would think that is enough but no, nothing like watching an episode to miss the last few minutes…

  6. Also, means people in areas where 7flix doesn’t air have to go to 7plus anyway. I guess it’s not the Sunday 2.30am slot on 10Peach but I don’t think this is an improvement!

  7. Honestly what’s the point of doing it like this? This benefits nobody. Seven doesn’t get ratings because nobody is going to watch it like this, advertisers don’t get eyeballs because nobody is watching it like this, chances are a lot of fans can’t record it like this because their DVRs can’t do more than one or two shows at a time. Why not do an all day marathon on 7Flix? Or just send them straight to 7Plus? Chances are the fans have pirated this anyway since it’s been over a year since it’s actually aired in the U.S. You’re pathetic Seven…

  8. Why would advertisers even bother buying slots in light of such absurd scheduling?

    Surely it would have made more sense (as previously suggested) to play out the episodes over 2 nights so at least those who wish to PVR the show can do so (but I’m sure Seven would prefer that any remaining fans watch it on 7plus where they are likely to make more money on ads than the broadcast, and on a platform where viewers would be unable to skip the ads).

    I’m curious as to how dirt-cheap the ads will be. Perhaps I can buy a bit of airtime for shits and giggles.

  9. I don’t mind a late night marathon as I record most shows anyway, but on 3 channels at the same time is ridiculous. Also S2 is still being repeated on Tuesday mornings.

  10. My recorder can only record 2 programs at the same time. I know I wouldn’t be able to record all of these if I wanted to watch this show! Crazy decision making from Seven.

  11. Surely this is the most ridiculous scheduling to date. Why not do a marathon across 2 nights Saturday (eps 1-6 from 10:30) & Sunday (eps 7-13 from 10:30) on 7Flix, where they can at least be shown chronologically? Majority could be shown post-midnight so as to not affect primetime shares. Why else would they be scheduled on 7 & 7Two from midnight, where even PVRs will struggle as you note?

  12. That is just crazy. No wonder Australians are going to streaming when you can watch a series as it was intended in the correct order when it suits you. FTA seems to only care about 5pm – 9pm to the detriment of everything else. We seem to be the only country that doesn’t produce shows during daytime, especially dramas. Look at BBC Daytime that gives us shows such as Father Brown. Our networks force feed us hours of endless news shows & advertorials. It seems like Seven has given up recently.

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