Returning: Quantico

Quantico is back in schedule again.

This was scheduled a few weeks ago on 7flix but pulled from schedule.

Now it return on Seven at 11:45pm July 10.

Season 2 Episode 8: “Odenvy”
At the Farm, Lydia and Owen teach the group about the necessity of lying and cutting off relationships. Perfect timing for Alex, since she is feeling disconnected from Ryan personally and professionally. In the future, Alex and company attempt to destroy the biological weapon.

This screened in the US in November.


  1. Fantastic! I wonder if Seven programmers read my original comment on TV Tonight about preferring Quantico late at night on 7HD rather than SD on Flix.

  2. Good to see it back, but the timeslots have been convoluted, I’ve lost a lot of interest.

    Like I’ve mentioned before, my mind is still on the end of Season 1, with the massive twist.

  3. 7 are really going for it in the late night time slot. I guess they are happy to subject viewers to reality tv and when cute dead animal attack on primetime but it could be worse for Quantico viewers the show could get the Gotham 11:45pm slot on a Saturday that 9Go! so gloriously gave it.

    • Johnny Tick

      Also with Gotham it was all over the time-slot depending on the length of the movies before it, sometimes it had a 12:25am start time, even my PVR had trouble picking it up some nights (works of the schedule). And yeah Seven have been putting some good shows on late at night, Bates Motel being one of them, of course interrupted next week with Wimbledon starting, wonder if they’ll advertise Quatinco during it.

  4. So they could have put it on 7flix at a reasonable time of 8.30pm, where currently only reruns of TBBT is played, but they decided to put it on near midnight on the primary channel, which will result in terrible ratings. I’m sure that made sense to someone over at Seven.

  5. That’s an odd decision. We’d rather have me eps of The Goldbergs so we can get through the season faster. Once new eps are shown on 7flix there’s no turning back.

  6. carolemorrissey

    Ooooooh for real this time? I’ve gotten to the point I’ll believe it when I see it. Wish 7 would stop screwing us around with this show.

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