Bumped: How to Get Away with Murder. Updated: Quantico

Heads up fans of How to Get Away with Murder, the show is changing nights from next week.

After screening a double last night, it moves to 11:20pm Tuesdays.

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) receives a tip about Assistant District Attorney Renee Atwood (Milauna Jackson) that leads to a heated confrontation with Nate Lahey (Billy Brown). Meanwhile, truths are revealed about Annalise’s deadly house fire.

Instead 7flix is choosing to run a Big Bang marathon, from 8:30pm past midnight.

But Quantico which was due to return last night has been held off and remains unscheduled.


  1. While 7 and 9 play TV Schedule Roulette (round and round it goes where it stops no-one knows), it’s Channel 10 that goes into voluntary administration and they have the most consistent schedule of the 3 commercial networks. Then again maybe that’s why 7 and 9 are still afloat because they just jump around and appease the advertisers, advertisers not happy let’s throw some Big Bang Theory on.

  2. You have to wonder why people look elsewhere for[us] programs with all the digital channels one would think that they could program[us] programs in a decent time slot .but no way we need more bbt repeats.
    What we need is a digital channel to play out[ us] programs in running order
    ,Code black-HTGAWM-Chicago Med-Quantico-The Mick-Arrow-The list goes on.That’s my cripe for tonight.happy viewing.

  3. Utter disregard for the general viewing public! I gave up on HTGAWM after the umpteenth change in time and channel and now it seems Quantico will go the same way. It frustrates me no end!

    PS Blacklist final episode started a full 30 minutes late which meant my 20 minutes added on by IQ was still not enough to see the final few minutes of the show, again frustration delux!

  4. Sunday night 7flix ran 9 episodes of TBBT, the last four being repeats of the first four! What is going on in the mind of the programmer?

  5. Very disappointed with how Quantico is being treated.

    No wonder 7flix rates well on weekends, people like the movie marathons.

    As opposed to confusing and chop/change weekday programming!

  6. 7 keep finding a way to remind me why giving up quantico in the first season due to them playing around with the schedule was the right call.

  7. What is it with 7Flix and The Big Bang Theory marathons? They might as well call the channel 7BigBangTheoryReRuns and just run them 24/7.
    The spend years bagging ch9 for doing but only to do it themselves but on steroids.

    • OMG, first it was on, then it was yanked off air, then it was on with a double, and now it is moving nights. All this after a 7-8 month unscheduled and unexplained break!
      Luckily I don’t watch Quantico.
      Is it any wonder that people choose illegal methods or streaming services, so they can watch anytime of their choice and not at the mercy of networks.
      Seriously they are damaging a brand, with no thought to the long term consequences, if the youth of today don’t grow up with TV who will watch it when those that grew up with it are not around?!

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