MKR final down on 2014, but Seven doubles Nine’s share.

Ratings: 2.08m viewers was down 500,000 on last year's final, while ABC shows prove a strong alternative.


My Kitchen Rules pipped the two million viewer mark last night for its Grand Final, won by NSW friends Will & Steve.

It averaged 2.08m for the bulk of its final, above the 2.04m for The Winner Announced at 10pm. The biggest audience was in Melbourne (up to 621,000 viewers) then Sydney (583,0000.)

The numbers were well down on 2014 which averaged 2.6m / 2.3m and essentially no real improvement on The Block‘s 2.03m auction last week -although it should be noted Seven’s show finished about 45 minutes later.

Seven share was decisive, at around twice Nine’s share, while TEN was crushed and ABC held up well with some excellent numbers.

Seven network won with a 40.5% share then Nine 21.0%, ABC 19.6%, TEN 14.1% and SBS 4.8%.

Following MKR for Seven were Seven News (1.1m / 1.08m), Home and Away (954,000), Revenge (610,000) and Million Dollar Minute (562,000). Talking Footy was 31,000 (7mate: 78,000).

Nine News (1.12m / 1.08m) then A Current Affair (914,000), Big Bang (843,000 / 652,000), Hot Seat (590,000) and movie: Skyfall (373,000).

ABC News was strong at 944,000 as was Four Corners (922,000). Australian Story was 862,000 then 7:30 (807,000), Media Watch (753,000) and Q & A (632,000).

The Project was up as a result of Carrie Bickmore’s win, at 785,000 / 561,000 with the panel (and guest Christopher Pyne) donning Beanies for Brain Cancer. It made up for low numbers elsewhere. TEN Eyewitness News was 592,000, The Odd Couple was 364,000, Law and Order: SVU was 327,000, Modern Family was 308,000 and Elementary just 194,000.

On SBS ONE Michael Mosley: Trust Me, I’m a Doctor was 264,000 then SBS World News (156,000) and Tea and Coffee Trails with Simon Reeve (131,000). Strip the Cosmos was 118,000.

Neighbours led multichannels at 296,000.

Sunrise: 345,000
Today: 334,000
ABC News Breakfast: 87,000 / 37,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 4 May 2015

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  1. With all the the carry on about the BBL, IACGMOOH and Famil Feud it doesn’t seem 10 are doing any better than last year in fact the ABC seems to be thumping them. Hopefully MasterChef will drag the numbers up, but I can’t see it getting anywhere near MKR. What is going to happen to 10 ? They are still making pretty ordinary decisions at the moment. A new show with Ms Swan and the little fella, I don’t think that will be a game changer

  2. You’ve gotta hand it to Four Corners, still going strong after all these years. It just proves good in depth investigations on stories that really matter still are a big drawcard. Very good figure considering it was against MKR final.

  3. Was MKR on their HD channel too? If so, at 3% so much for the gotta-be-in-HD wailings.
    Well, TEN, here’s your big night – but – you’ll lose me as a viewer if you insist on repeating it the next day, several times, and again at the weekend in a MKR-marathon. What’s the big incentive to watch tonight when it will be repeated at least six times?

    1. No – normal programming on 7mate. Good on Seven though – they have a major grand final on yet still offer decent alternatives on 7two and 7mate that pull over 3% on those two channels as a result in addition to over 30% on main channel.

        1. The numbers were actually quite impressive when it launched and it held up for a few weeks. So there was some basis for the tagline. However the show is quite ordinary and it has probably served its purpose as a filler pre Masterchef.

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