1. Big time cracks for Channel 7. I didn’t know HTGAWM was even on. Awesome result for Mornings. Love Child was brilliant last night as always.
    David when is House Husbands coming back, it’ll be great if House Husbands on first and then Love Child

  2. New scripted ABC reality show “The Budget” followed by GoggleBudget has put the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons. The feathers will have settled by the time the spin-off show “Right Of Reply” hits the airwaves tonight. It’s interesting to note that the two contestants in these shows were not wearing aprons nor white hats!
    The new House Rules-Kitchen Makeover segment will have two rival catering companies cooking up a storm with their roasted, toasted meals being judged by the renovators.

  3. Some people get way too invested in their personal favourites…

    “No, no, it’s not fourth – it’s third! Forget looking at it the normal way – y’see, if you squint this way and turn your head just slightly …”

  4. 7 is starting to crack. Big time.

    It’s now clear just how much MKR was propping up their sked.

    And TVT focuses on total people – but in 7’s target demo – 25-54 – the news is even worse.

  5. Seven just kill their US dramas with dumb scheduling. Once Upon A Time was consistently at 1m viewers before they started doubling up on episodes and changing timeslots.

    Same could be said about Greys Anatomy, Scandal and The Blacklist. They have only themselves to blame.

    • Quote: “At 10pm How to Get Away with Murder sank to just 182,000 suggesting Seven should never have split the season. Lesson learned.” Sadly, I don’t think the leasson is learnt.

  6. Seven have played around with their drama audience for far too long and are now starting to see the damage that has caused. How did greys anatomy rate?

  7. James-original

    Your quote is not quite right.
    ‘House Rules slipped for Seven once again, fourth behind Reno Rumble. It was also down in the demos’

    HR was 3rd in slot.
    HR was down a handful of thousand on Monday. RR was 132k down.
    In younger key demos HR was up in 2 of the 3 key demo groups.
    RR was down in all, losing about 20% night on night.

  8. LoveChild was excellent last night, as always. The producers have done such a good job at recreating that era, and the storylines and acting are very good.

  9. I had no idea HTGAWM was even back on. A lot of cracks seem to be showing at the moment due to a lot of poor decisions. Great to see Masterchef performing so strongly.

  10. Loved Gordon Ramsay in Prime time. ha ha. Normally when I catch an ep of kitchen nightmares (or whichever spin off) it’s like 1 o’clock in the morning.

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