1. I am also wondering why Ch7 program dramas so late. Was a Gordon Ramsay double necessary when a season finale of Greys ended close to 1:00am? The disrespect for viewers and dramas is really quite astounding!!!!

  2. Can someone explain to me the fluctuations between non-reveal episodes of the two Reno shows? Do people get bored of one and switch to the other even though they’re both the same thing?

  3. Why are you just highlighting RR bad results, look more closely at HR results you will only see three nights getting over 900000 viewers. That is a huge win for Nine, that was the whole point of RR.

    • Yes Nine would be ecstatic. What a fantastic strategy – double the house renovation costs, double the production crews, halve the number of weeks of content, and pay established reality stars double what you would new contestants. In the meantime double the amount of fatigue in the key format your whole network hangs on (renovation) – using the same familiar stars from 4 other formats (including one from a rival network), while devoting huge amounts of advertising space to promote it and place it in the very heart of your schedule at 7.30 every night. Then watch happily as it gets about 100,000 more viewers nationally then an 8 year old repeat on 7 at 9pm which cost 7 about the same as the daily rate of one of those reality stars. Brilliant!

  4. I am wondering why ACA and ABC news are rating higher than Home and Away. The latter has dropped consistently from 1.1 million a few years ago (I know times have changed, but it is still slipping). Still do not know why people would watch current affair style shows, did all the Today Tonight viewers switch?

    • That you could ask that question gives you your answer-you aren’t concerned with the wider real world outside of the fictional Summer Bay…

    • I thought that home and away might become less Braxton centric with less Braxtons but the writers and promo departments are holding onto anything Braxton for dear life. Each night the promos are Braxton related even if the next episode has nothing to do with the Braxtons. The storyline of protecting Brax in jail has just gone on and on and its still going if the promos are anything to go by. Home and away was always about a bunch of different characters and its been somewhat ruined because rather that make the braxtons one element of the show, home and away became “the braxtons”

  5. Nine will still be very happy with RR as it’s main purpose was to split the reality viewers so HR didn’t dominate, which it has managed to do with a lot of thanks to MC revival this year.

  6. Love Child just keeps getting better and better.
    Nice to see Puberty Blues Susan Prior back on our screens as Patricia’s boyfriend’s bigoted, passive aggressive mum who turns out to be not so bad after all. She plays repressed so well.

  7. barrington bumbaclaart

    There’s no problem with Dateline or Four Corners re-packaging UK docs. They are typically very well made, important stories that deserve a global audience and as broad a reach as possible. However with Unreported World being readily available online, I’d much prefer to see original Australian content as leading stories on Dateline.

  8. Tonights numbers for Channel 9 are gonna be huge. I’m loving Love Child and the fact that its constantly beating HAA.

    David any news on House Husbands

  9. barrington bumbaclaart

    The Dateline story on Cambodia was a brilliantly powerful piece of TV. However I’d already seen it as it was actually a Channel 4 “Unreported World” documentary which had been purchased by SBS and presented as Dateline.

    Surely SBS realise that Unreported World is available online worldwide both on Channel 4’s 4OD and youtube?

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