Seven upstages TV’s ‘night of nights’

Ratings: While the Logie Awards finally lifts above its Red Carpet Arrivals, it falls short of MKR's strong semi-final.


Yet again Seven programming has snatched the night from Nine’s Logies broadcast thanks largely to its My Kitchen Rules semi-final.

MKR scored 1.67m viewers, upstaging the Logies averaging 971,000 (preliminary) across a nearly 4 hour broadcast.

Interestingly this year the Live awards ceremony managed to out-rate the earlier Red Carpet Arrivals of 958,000 -perhaps putting an end to claims viewers are only interested in the frocks.

Seven network won the night with a share of 34.8% then Nine 31.1%, TEN 15.05, ABC 14.7% and SBS 4.3%.

Following MKR for Seven were Seven News (1.6m) and Sunday Night (1.02m). Castle was 436,000 / 287,000.

Nine News (1.35m) was best for Nine then the Logie Awards (971,000 / 958,000 in preliminary figures). Kings of Comedy was 326,000 in preliminary figures including some spill-over of the Logies.

Modern Family (609,000 / 534,000) was best for TEN. Movie: Iron Man was 514,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 408,000, NCIS: New Orleans was 186,000 and Empire was just 81,000.

ABC News (843,000) was best for ABC then Poldark (585,000), Animal Super Senses (559,000), Compass (301,000) and Fortitude (284,000).

On SBS ONE it was She Wolves: England’s Early Queens (207,000), China’s Great Wall (179,000), Sex Death and the Meaning of Life (127,000) and A League (101,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country (239,000) ruled multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 3 May 2015

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  1. @johntv Seven chose to snub the Logies so how exactly is the Nine coverage meant to feature them? Home and Away received plenty of coverage. For a ‘Nine centric’ coverage, Sandra Sully certainly received plenty of airtime, as did KAK. This years Logies were a vast improvement on last years. Seven’s carry on was comical. Not one mention of the Logies on the 6pm news in Sydney. Michael Pell had a whinge in the Sunday papers but of course he was at Crown striking a pose.

  2. I enjoyed the Logies overall! It will be remembered for many plunging cleavages, international music acts ONLY and poor font colour choice and camera work for the memorium section where we couldn’t read white writing on a yellow/orange background!
    Consider for future years improving font & camera work and supporting Australian music acts! If women choose to expose their breasts there is nothing networks can do, but highlights women’s bodies and not their talent and natural beauty (covered up).

  3. I always watch the Logies which I think is one of the highlights of my viewing year – It’s time people started switching off these cooking and building reality shows then the networks will start airing some decent comedies and dramas at 7:30 pm

  4. I don’t know that I could stand hours of running commentary from Shaz tonight, she truly has the most annoying voice. I might check in at the last 10 minute mark.

    Roll on Masterchef.

  5. Time for the Red Carpet to be ditched, especially as there are no Seven people on it as they are told to wait until the last minute to arrive so they don’t make the coverage. Last night was basically an extended advert for Channel 9 shows and people. It is outdated and not relevant anymore.

  6. Logies was good!! Very glad I watched it!

    Not sorry I missed MKR. Frankly – the teams in the final are both the ones in the final 5 that annoyed me. Don’t know if I’ll bother, to be frank. Maybe chase play so I can avoid the ads… Not that keen that I need to watch it live…

  7. Man I am glad Fortitude is finally over. It seemed to go on forever. They could have told the story (what little story there was) much better in half as many episodes.

    The bad news is that Fortitude is getting a second series. Who is their right mind can possibly sit through another 12 episodes of the same lame characters in the same dreary location?

  8. It would be interesting to see how high the ratings for the Logies were in the first couple of hours, compared to right at the end when obviously a lot of people start to switch off. I’m surprised nine doesn’t code the show into a couple of different segments like they do for the Block in an attempt to get a better headline about the ratings the next day. I watched a lot more of the show than I normally do because it was one of the most entertaining Logies in years. Some great moments all the way throughout.

    1. Its very US-centric and embedded in African-American culture. These shows, while excellent, don’t translate (i.e. rate) well in Oz. At least Ten haven’t yanked it from the schedule.

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