Standing ovation for final Letterman

Minor Spoilers:

The last ever episode of The Late Show with David Letterman was filmed earlier this morning, Australian time.

Letterman received (another) standing ovation as he greeted the audience at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Barbara Walters, Steve Martin, Peyton Manning, Jim Carrey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Alec Baldwin, Les Moonves and Tina Fey were among the A-listers attending the final taping, the Hollywood Reporter notes.

The Foo Fighters also tweeted: “Final time on this stage…#ThanksDave @Letterman,” the band tweeted.

The finale airs at 9:45pm tonight on TEN.


    • It’s on every night too. Not sure why it couldn’t have started when Corden did, or why we couldn’t have had the shows in between Ferguson and Corden.

      • Wait, why is Corden starting Sunday night (Monday morning)?

        And why weeks after Corden started on the Late Late Show?
        Will they be airing the ‘missing’ Corden shows or just picking where they are now?

        Sorry I know this is a story about Letterman’s last show but why are we just hearing about Corden just days before the show finally comes to TEN/Ch11?

        • Because Eleven decided to launch Corden’s Late Late Show so they could promote it during Letterman’s final ep.

          What I remember most of Letterman is when CBS was comings last, TV ratings were collapsing especially late night, and Dave was boasting that he was #3 at 11:30pm. You keep watching wondering if something funny might happen while making a toasted cheese sandwich and drinking several glasses of water, but most of it was just how bad everything was going tonight.

          The last ep was a good one, though Letterman acknowledged those days too.

        • Ferguson leaving gave Eleven an out. The guest host eps were just thrown together in January and shown around some Talk specials to fill in until they build a new set and got production up and running for Corden at the end of March. They aren’t hard to find, but they make you realise that even Ferguson’s weakest eps were pretty good.

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