Survivor: Worlds Apart: finale update


Survivor: Worlds Apart is about to conclude its 30th season.

It’s a three hour finale / reunion and fans should take note of the earlier starting time of 8:45pm following Britain’s Got Talent.

Looks like Mike is the one to beat.

Only five castaways remain in the game competing to outwit, outplay and outlast each other for the $1 million prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

Survivor: Worlds Apart, set in Nicaragua, has featured the first-time theme where 18 castaways from very different backgrounds were divided into three tribes: White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar.

Will it be a rule maker, a rule follower or a rule breaker who dominates to win the 30th season of Survivor?

8.45pm Thursday, May 21, on GO!


    • Really. She has a decent case to the Jury of 8 (as long as she isn’t up against Mike) but she needs to work some magic to get there.

      I don’t know if I want her to win, I want her back on the 2nd Chance season.

  1. according to reports the next season of survivor is called second chance meaning that the next batch of contestants are former survivor contestants who have never won. therefor in saying Mike and Carolyn who are rumored to be on the next season will not win this season. I really hope Rodney or Sierra wins it.

    • ”’ I really hope Rodney or Sierra wins it.”
      You’re kidding, right? Rodney? Like ‘I feel entitled to go one any Reward Challenge, even if I did not win any,’ Rodney? He’s a total wimp! Sierra? OK, I suppose, but what has she done so far?

      • No I’m kidding that’s just my opinion. Carolyn said she would give up her reward and give it to Rodney but she didn’t. I still think he should’ve gone on the reward when it is was birthday- his birthday and not 1 of those people who went on said reward gave it up.

        • Im not jumping down your throat Aaqib but why should anyone give it to him. Rodney cost himself that reward he dropped the bag of balls and you could see how Dan almost won it for them at the end. If Rodney didn’t drop them easy win on reward

          • I am not saying anybody is- all i am saying is it was his birthday and even though he didn’t win said reward challenge one of the people who won should’ve given up their reward to give to him. I m sure if you were on there and it was your birthday and you didn’t win reward on your birthday and nobody gave up there reward you would be angry.

  2. Survivor just gets better every season.Also glad Dan went! Can’t wait to hear from the jury. I wish it started at 7.30pm cos I hate waiting for my survivor fix every week!

    • Me 2. Next season should be interesting. however its a shame that we in Australia can’t vote for the next batch of contestants and we can’t be a contestant on it either unless we live in the USA or Canada (I know this because i tired to apply in the past).

  3. At long last some common sense from GO, the show should be every week at 8:30 but I’ll take just the finale, much better finish at 11 then 12

  4. Knowing Rodney is absolutely zero chance of winning is so satisfying. Mike still has a lot of work to do. Good riddance to Dan. Rodney will make the final three because everyone will want to take him as he won’t get any votes from the jury.

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