Sweden wins Eurovision 2015

Sweden has won the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna with Heroes performed by Måns Zelmerlöw.

The song scored 365 points as their sixth win in the contest.

It had always been the hot favourite according to the bookies and the voting proved to be a 3 way battle with Russia second with 303 points and Italy in third.on 292 points.

“We are all Heroes no matter who we are, who we love, we are all Heroes,” Måns Zelmerlöw said.

Guy Sebastian did Australia proud finishing 5th on 196 points after a standout performance of Tonight, Again that had Wiener Stadthalle rockin’. His performance took place at around 6:05am Australian time on SBS ONE.

Vienna turned on a brilliant Final that began with a Viennese Orchestra, the Vienna Boys Choir and -of course- Conchita Wurst, the reigning Queen of Europe.

Interval acts featured percussion, brass and classical choirs with the theme of Building Bridges.

During the televoting there were plenty of shout-outs to Australia.


SBS’s Lee Lin Chin received a roaring applause announcing our votes, resplendent in red and seated in front of the Harbour Bridge (ok building bridges, obviously). Australia followed the trend and voted in favour of Sweden, Russia & Italy (but Australian viewers actually voted: Sweden, Belgium, Serbia, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Israel, United Kingdom and Norway) “Have a nice day!” the hosts said.

Sweden & Austria awarded Australia the ultimate ‘Douze Points’ while United Kingdom and Norway awarded 10 points and Switzerland, The Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Iceland, San Marino and Denmark awarded us 8 points.

Germany and host nation Austria came last on the night with just 0 points -which along with France’s 4 and the UK’s 5 is going to lead to a lot of soul-searching for 4 nations that spent a lot of money.

Following the event the EBU confirmed the jury votes of F.Y.R. Macedonia and Montenegro were disqualified, with 100% televoting in those countries instead.

SBS repeats the Final all over again tonight at 7:30pm.

See you next year in Sweden!

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  1. Missed Guy’s performance because I slept through my alarm. Noticed that it seemed that the Australian voting lines melted under the pressure tho. I sent in 3 texts during the voting period and got a reply back 20 mins later saying “Thank you for voting. Unfortunately, you are too late, the voting has already ended.: Then an hour later “The service you have requested is not currently available …..” Saw many others on social media that also received the “you are too late” text and others saying the phone line was constantly engaged and couldn’t get through with their vote

  2. I loved it and was glued to my chair the whole time! So proud of Guy, he was fantastic. Talk about Wow factor!! My only criticism was Julia and Sam talking through the Vienna Orchestra at the beginning. I thought they both did a great job of comparing the event except for that part.

    • Completely agree about Julia and Sam talking incessantly over the official introduction pieces and the orchestra. I know that we shouldn’t take anything about Eurovision too seriously, but still I thought that this was disrespectful of both the host (Austria) and the viewers.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Great result for Guy, the UK and German entries got what they deserved. Yeah, perhaps it’s time for the UK to reclaim Aus as a colony and we’ll enter the next contest on their behalf. Should be big tonight.

  4. What really surprised me was that how low the tele-votes were for the UK and Greece, two countries I thought would have done great with large populations here in Australia. The split results showed the UK was 11th overall and Greece 15th.

    Also really interesting that the jury ranked Russia 1st, yet they come 7th in the tele-voting and Sweden came 2nd in the jury, yet 1st in tele-voting.

  5. We should cut a deal with the UK – they let us take their place in the comp, and we’ll rebrand as ‘Australia (feat. Britain)’

  6. Fantastic performance by Guy. He did Australia proud. 5th was a great result. Thanks to Austria and Sweden for the 12 points. Very enjoyable Eurovision this year.

  7. Great performance by Guy Sebastian and a great result. Who would have thought Scandinavia loved us so much?
    Was Australia’s inclusion a once off?

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