TV Week Logie Awards 2015: winners


The 57th TV Week Logie Awards were held at the Crown Palladium.

Dave Hughes opened the show with gags about James Packer and David Gyngell’s brawling their tracky dacks.

“The owner of this venue and the boss of this network. Here I am making jokes about it!”

Packer looked like a hobo and Gyngell looked like “a crackhead” he joked.

Hughesy dropped plenty of punchlines that won over a normally-tough room.

Neighbours also got the 30th Anniversary acknowledgment, followed by a clip of a young Hughesy in the soap 17 years ago.

Winners in Bold:

Most Popular Entertainment Program
• Family Feud (Network Ten)
• Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America (Nine Network)
• Sunrise (Channel Seven)
• The Project (Network Ten)
• The Voice Australia (Nine Network)


“We promise never to stray into Outstanding,” said Hamish Blake.

Most Popular Drama Program
• Home And Away (Channel Seven)
• House Husbands (Nine Network)
• INXS: Never Tear Us Apart (Channel Seven)
• Love Child (Nine Network)
• Offspring (Network Ten)


Home and Away is a show about family, both on and off screen,” said Ada Nicodemou.

“The spirit extends far beyond the studio floor right throughout Channel Seven.”

Most Outstanding Comedy Program
• Black Comedy (ABC)
• Legally Brown (SBS ONE)
• Please Like Me (ABC 2)
• Upper Middle Bogan (ABC)
• Utopia (ABC)


“I hope this is an inspiration to any kid out there who can’t cook, can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t renovate and can’t eat an insect… you can win a Logie.”

Most Popular Actress
• Asher Keddie (Offspring/Party Tricks, Network Ten)
• Bonnie Sveen (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
• Jessica Marais (Carlotta/Love Child, ABC/Nine Network)
• Julia Morris (House Husbands, Nine Network)
• Mandy McElhinney (Love Child, Nine Network)


“Even I myself thought it should someone else this year, but I’ll take it,” says Asher Keddie.

Most Popular Presenter
• Amanda Keller (The Living Room, Network Ten)
• Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America, Nine Network)
• Carrie Bickmore (The Project, Network Ten)
• Grant Denyer (Family Feud, Network Ten)
• Karl Stefanovic (Today, Nine Network)


“I absolutely love my job!” said Bickmore.  “What other show can you talk politics, laugh, cry and draw phallic pictures?”

Most Outstanding Entertainment Program
• Bogan Hunters (7mate)
• Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (ABC)
• The Chaser’s Media Circus (ABC)
• The Checkout (ABC)
• The Voice Australia (Nine Network)


“You guys have made me feel at home, I feel like another Australian,” said Ricky Martin.

And Julia Morris forgot to mention the nominees… oops, and decides to read them after the winner has accepted their award. It’s priceless Live TV moments that make the Logies night.

Awards presented before the broadcast:

Most Popular Sports Program
• Marngrook Footy Show (NITV)
• The AFL Footy Show (Nine Network)
• The Cricket Show (Nine Network)
• The NRL Footy Show (Nine Network)
• Wide World Of Sport (Nine Network)

Most Popular Lifestyle Program
• Better Homes And Gardens (Channel Seven)
• Getaway (Nine Network)
• Grand Designs Australia (FOXTEL/LifeStyle Channel)
• Selling Houses Australia (FOXTEL/LifeStyle Channel)
The Living Room (Network Ten)

Most Outstanding Children’s Program
• Bushwhacked! (ABC3)
• Move It Mob Style (NITV)
• Nowhere Boys (ABC3)
• Tashi (7Two)
• The Worst Year Of My Life, Again! (ABC3).

Most Popular New Talent
• Harriet Dyer (Love Child, Nine Network)
• Laura Brent (ANZAC Girls/INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, ABC/Channel Seven)
• Miranda Tapsell (Love Child, Nine Network)
• Olympia Valance (Neighbours, Network Ten)
• Samantha Jade (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Channel Seven)


“Put more beautiful people of colour on TV and connect viewers in ways which transcend race that unite us. That’s the real Team Australia, thank you very much,” said Miranda Tapsell (speech of the night so far).


Most Popular Reality Program
• Big Brother (Nine Network)
• Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
• Bondi Vet (Network Ten)
• My Kitchen Rules (Channel Seven)
The Block (Nine Network)


“And you saw we hold the world record giving away the most money on a show anywhere in the world. $3 million. And that’s coming from an Australian made and created show,” said Scott Cam.

Most Popular Actor
• Chris Lilley (Jonah From Tonga, ABC)
• Craig McLachlan (The Doctor Blake Mysteries, ABC)
• Josh Thomas (Please Like Me, ABC 2)
• Luke Arnold (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Channel Seven)
• Stephen Peacocke (Home And Away, Channel Seven)


Peacocke thanked Seven and the producers for giving him an opportunity.

“No-one knew who I was, I was doing a few plays in Sydney and they took a chance on me.”

Ahead of the Outstanding Sports award, Mick Molloy presented a bloopers reel. Sandy Roberts will never live it down…

Most Outstanding Sports Coverage
• 2014 FIFA World Cup (SBS ONE)
• 2014 Emirates Melbourne Cup Carnival (Channel Seven)
• KFC T20 Big Bash League (Network Ten)
• Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 (Channel Seven)
• 2014 Toyota AFL Grand Final (Channel Seven)


“It’s a tribute to SBS which has been a faithful supporter of this sport for 35 years and played a massive role in making this World Game relevant in Australian society, may that continue for may decades and years to come,” said Les Murray.

Most Outstanding News Coverage
• “Lindt Café Siege” (Seven News, Channel Seven)
• “Moree” (NITV News, NITV)
• “Peter Greste Trial” (7pm News, ABC)
• “Sydney Siege” (Nine News, Nine Network)
• “What Is Metadata” (Sky News, Foxtel)


“We were a TV station without a TV station that day, we were all evacuated. We did 16 hours of live rolling coverage from the side of the road, with link trucks on the side of the corner, producers working out of a BBQ shed at the back of our offices in Pyrmont, our editors in Brisbane, our control room in Melbourne and at one stage coming out of Perth. So it truly was a network effort,” said Melissa Doyle.

Most Outstanding Miniseries Or Telemovie
• ANZAC Girls (ABC)
• Carlotta (ABC)
• Devil’s Playground (FOXTEL/Showcase)
• INXS: Never Tear Us Apart (Channel Seven)
• The Broken Shore (ABC)


“To tell a story as difficult and traumatic as we tell in Devil’s Playground, you can only do it one way by being completely uncompromising and unflinching,” said Simon Burke.

He also paid tribute to filmmaker Fred Schipisi, creator of the 1975 film.


“This Logie honours and acknowledges everyone who has ever had anything to do with the show, all 7000 of them,” said Ray Meagher.

“We wouldn’t be here tonight if channel Seven hadn’t taken a risk and decided to make a Pilot in 1987.  When the show was put to air in 1988 it wasn’t an immediate success, but instead of axing the show Seven found some advertising dollars and promoted it until it found an audience. An that proved to be a pretty good decision.”

He thanked Seven, TV Week and the show’s loyal viewers.

“We’re both honoured and humbled, thank you very much.”

Most Outstanding Public Affairs Report
• “Banking Bad” (Four Corners, ABC)
• “Ian Thorpe – The Parkinson Interview” (Ian Thorpe – The Parkinson Interview, Network Ten)
• “Ice Towns” (The Feed, SBS2)
• “Joining the Fight” (Insight, SBS One)
• “Searching for C11” (Australian Story, ABC)

Most Outstanding Factual Program
• Brilliant Creatures (ABC)
• Changing Minds (ABC)
• Coast Australia (FOXTEL/The History Channel)
• First Contact (SBS ONE)
• The War That Changed Us (ABC)

Graham Kennedy Award For Most Outstanding Newcomer
• Brandon McClelland (ANZAC Girls, ABC)
• Harriet Dyer (Love Child, Nine Network)
• Miranda Tapsell (Love Child, Nine Network)
• Silvia Colloca (Made In Italy With Silvia Colloca, SBS ONE)
• Troy Kinne (Kinne, 7mate)


“I want to say to all the young girls who watch Love Child, my favourite actress in the whole world is Viola Davis from The Help and How to Get Away with Murder, and she likes to say to young women and young women, ‘Dream big and dream fierce.’ ”

Most Outstanding Actress
• Danielle Cormack (Wentworth, FOXTEL/SoHo)
• Denise Roberts (Schapelle, Nine Network)
• Jessica Marais (Carlotta, ABC)
• Marta Dusseldorp (Janet King, ABC)
• Nicole da Silva (Wentworth, FOXTEL/SoHo)


“Wentworth has been an extraordinary experience for all of us,” said Cormack before asking for donations for Nepal.

Most Outstanding Actor
• Ashley Zukerman (The Code, ABC)
• John Noble (Devil’s Playground, FOXTEL/Showcase)
• Luke Arnold (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Channel Seven)
• Martin Henderson (Secrets & Lies, Network Ten)
• Richard Roxburgh (Rake, ABC)


“The response from Australia for this was so amazing and I am under no illusion that had very little to do with me and everything to do with our love for a very special band,” said Arnold.

Most Outstanding Drama Series
• Janet King (ABC)
• Puberty Blues (Network Ten)
• Rake (ABC)
• The Code (ABC)
• Wentworth (FOXTEL/SoHo)


“To all of the support we’ve had here and overseas,” said Danielle Cormack. “It’s just wonderful to have a show that is helping fortify the Australian industry.”

• Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America, Nine
• Asher Keddie (Offspring/Party Tricks, Network Ten)
• Carrie Bickmore (The Project, Network Ten)
• Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America, Nine
• Scott Cam (The Block, Nine Network)
• Stephen Peacocke (Home And Away, Channel Seven)


“Every 5 hours someone is diagnosed with brain cancer and 8 out of 10 people will die from brain Cancer,” said Bickmore.

“In 2010 my husband Greg was one of the unlucky ones.

“He was a great dad a great husband and a great friend.”

She urged people to wear a beanie to promote awareness of Brain Cancer.

In TV Tonight‘s Tip the Logies survey, readers correctly tipped 7 out of 11 categories, including the Gold Logie for Carrie Bickmore.

This post updates.


  1. barrington bumbaclaart

    Meanwhile in real awards news…an Aussie production picked up a win at the prestigious Cine Golden Eagle awards in America.

  2. One of the best Logies overall for ages.
    Julia Morris and Dave Hughes were standouts.
    Disappointing though that Craig Mclachlan and Puberty Blues missed out on their respective awards.

  3. I hope they let Dave Hughes open the Logies every year. Very few comedians or hosts can hold that rooms attention like he did. Julia Morris was also brilliant. Adlibbing is becoming a lost art form in this highly scripted world and she was amazing. It was the best Logies I have seen for a long time and I actually laughed out loud a few times.

  4. daveinprogress

    For me, it was one of the better Logies and have been watching since 1978. Live was essential. Watching the outstanding acting and drama and comedy awards was proof positive of how strong our local industry is content and quality wise. In some categories several of the nominees could have been named winner. I say it every year, but bring back Supporting Actor and Actress. So many great performances. The soaps, the limited run dramas, the mini series and telemovies and the comedies – so many terrific people chronically overlooked. There’s definitely room for tweaking still category wise and telecast wise as to what is shown. And as for Hall of Fame… Cutaways of Hazell Phillips and Denise Drysdale during KAK’s introduction. But a good night.

    • barrington bumbaclaart

      Very sorry, but the state of the local industry is absolutely appalling, especially considering the strength of programming made in other countries. Look at the landscape of the primetime and for most of the year all you get are two networks stripping reality shows and another floundering. SBS and the ABC are strong in some respects but generally in decline with budgets being slashed and both wanting to appeal to a more commercial sensibility (god knows why). Our local drama is very poor with undercooked scripts and concepts, inadequate amount of time spent on development and no risk being taken. As for the general level of acting…average at best. All the networks need to do much better to avoid becoming even more irrelevant amidst fragmenting audiences and a wealth of much, much better viewing alternatives.

      • I agree, the Australian TV landscape is pretty abysmal, so little fresh scripted content. When you have a look at what tiny countries like Norway and Denmark are producing you have to wonder why we can’t do the same. ABC do develop some great shows but the commercial networks rely so heavily on reality. Maybe now with the SVOD industry we will get more quality Australian scripted shows. It was encouraging to see Stan announce their first original series.

  5. thedirtydigger

    Sorry – I just don’t get how SBS can win best sorts coverage for FIFA? Didn’t they just relay the official match coverage? I would have though something totally produced and directed with all cameras etc would be the winner , not a relay station ?
    As for the Memorial section , it was just terrible, home viewers couldn’t even see the pictures or read who had died…we mostly saw the harp. And the Logie producers have how long to get this basic stuff right?
    And then the win by The Living Room over BHG gets relegated to a highlights package ? I would have thought a breakthrough win like that deserved to run as a regular segment???
    The producers here have no bloody idea of what is worth showing and what isn’t.

    • Agree about the Living Room – quite insulting that they were considered not “important enough” to be included in the main awards ceremony.
      Yes, the In Memorium segment was very poorly done, with dodgy camera work rendering some of the recently departed people and their titles illegible.
      Bet their relatives and friends would have been pretty disappointed.

  6. A great telecast… Dave Hughes was fantastic (great ability to keep the room laughing); Asher Keddie so humble in acceptance; Julia Morris = the best presenter ever at the Logies; Carrie Bickmore and her great Gold Logie acceptance speech; beautiful speeches by double-winner Miranda Tapsell; a live telecast that finished at 11:15pm… let’s hope next year they do the same! Just extend the red carpet to 1hr or 2hrs live the United States!

    • Because, as explained elsewhere, it’s “most popular personality” – not “personality from the most popular show”.

      If it worked the way you think it wouldn’t need a ceremony or a big reveal; you’d just hand it straight to Manu or Paleo Pete…

  7. I really want to know who the people are who vote on the ‘Most Outstanding’ categories because some of their choices are bemusing to say the least.

  8. during the Hall of Fame thing Home and Away, Kate Ritchie should’ve been on stage with Danni Minogue. I mean she played Sally for 20 years i think.

    • Absolutely!! Or at least she should’ve been allowed to get up with the cast – she had the world record at one stage for longest stint on a single tv show!!

  9. Dave Hughes was funny, Julia Morris was hilarious as always. Channel 9 and TVWEEK for next years ceremony please present every single award on the show. Also Julia Morris needs to host the show next year with Dave Hughes. The Richie Benuad Tribute was lovely couldn’t stop crying. Well done to Wentworth. Love Child should’ve won Popular Drama. But congrats to all winners.

    • “Also Julia Morris needs to host the show next year with Dave Hughes.”

      Oh **** no!

      Though it would stop people from laughing at the Logies…

  10. Once again as always, gongs handed out to people in shows watched by hardly anyone.
    The Logies have been and still are a running joke.

  11. Dantheman84

    7 deserved that outstanding news coverage. Second that rob stitch line was very funny. I thought the camera work during in memoriam was poor halfway thru for about 5 names you couldn’t read because the camera was on a long shot.

    • I thought exactly the same thing.
      Also, lots of voice overs about who was accepting awards were wrong – announcing someone would accept, when they didn’t, and vice versa.

  12. Maev....Sydney

    Thanks for this David Knox…especially as I am not watching…I am on 7TWO…
    I agree with you regarding Miranda’s speech…well said….
    Happy for The Living Room…..just popped up on my Facebook page as I ‘like’ them….

  13. LOL at Rob Sitch’s “I hope this is an inspiration to any kid out there who can’t cook, can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t renovate and can’t eat an insect… you can win a Logie.”

  14. wow better homes and gardens finally gets knocked off its perch. They have had a great run. So happy to see Carrie win for most popular presenter. Happy to see Home and Away win as well

    • Yes, congrats to The Living Room.
      Well deserved – about time!
      A shame it wasn’t presented during the main Logies awards coverage though – a bit insulting really.

    • Disgusting that el-cheapo “reality”(far from it) TV shows get recognition at all – a disgraceful waste of airtime which should be used for quality drama, comedy or variety entertainment. TV execs need to get back to basics. One last thing: Ray Meagher should’ve thanked “The Australian Television Network”, not Ch.7(Ch.7 = a chunk of TV broadcast spectrum). Credit the artist, not the canvas.

      • I don’t know if you’re referring to The Living Room and BHG as reality shows? They are lifestyle shows and I don’t know how much more ‘back to basics’ you could get than these shows, lifestyle shows have been around for years with Burke’s Backyard, Harry’s Practice, etc.

        If Ray Meagher had thanked ATN I would have had no idea what he was talking about and I suspect a lot of other people wouldn’t have either.

    • It’s an even 50/50 split up to “Most Popular New Talent”, meaning that of the categories that Nine were nominated in, they won four and lost four. This by no means constitutes “winning nearly everything they’re in”….

  15. daveinprogress

    Great coverage David. Just had to check in and see how you covered the Julia Morris segment, For me, one of the best in recent years. She is just one funny funny dame and perfect live tv. Enjoying this evening’s show, mainly as it feels edgy.

  16. The Voice? Really…surely it is Ch 9 TV week award program ….just looking at the nominee of the most popular sport program…LOL

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