Adelaide’s Jock Zonfrillo to host Restaurant Revolution

Scottish-born chef will host Seven's new restaurant series, filming across Australia soon.


Adelaide chef and restaurateur Jock Zonfrillo has been announced as host of Seven’s Restaurant Revolution series.

The Scottish-born chef, who runs Orana and Street ADL, is about to begin criss-crossing the country when competing pop-up restaurants open in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth for a $200,000 prize.

“Words can’t describe the physical labour and mental pressure our teams will go through over the next few weeks; it’s intense,” he said. “There’s never a right time to open a restaurant because you can never be ready enough.

The show combines cuisine and design aspects, with teams to be judged by a group of experts as well as local customers.

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  1. With promos already airing it should start while the Voice is on. But DWTS is back soon, not sure what night? And Winners and Losers is also soon but that was a Tuesday night slot?!… Plus 7 start promos 3-6 months early so you never can tell…

  2. Please don’t tell me this show will go up against Nine’s Hot Plate like Nine put Reno Rumble up against House Rules? I think Seven and Nine have learned their lesson from that scheduling snafu which delivered MasterChef record ratings.

    1. It’s quite different really too when two new franchises, though of the same ilk, go head to head. Reno Rumble was purely commissioned as a spoiler for House Rules and though it won some early battles it certainly didn’t win the war.

      It is quite clear though that these stripped reality shows dominating the schedules are already burning themselves out – viewers are getting sick of only seeing shows about renovation or cooking dominating the schedules and by commissioning more of them Seven and Nine are actually putting their biggest hits at risk too, as we’ve already seen with The Block.

      1. Whilst I agree Australian’s are growing tired of the cooking and renovation / building formats – I think Australian’s are still looking for something in the area that is unique. My Restaurant Rules was a smash hit, and if this show follows that formula I think it will do well. I personally miss My Restaurant Rules and MKR isn’t what was great about that show. It focuses on the cooking, where as MRR looked at the running of the restaurant, getting bums on seats and keeping those people coming back. You had to manage out of control chefs who wanted to run the place, and waiters who couldn’t find a table “Where was it? On Mars?”. That said, I think they should look at what MRR did and pull the show back to twice weekly, that kept you wanting more, but you didn’t feel that they were shoving it down your throat. I also hope they saw where The Mole went wrong. Personally I feel a bit…

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