Auditions: New dating series for Nine


Nine is calling for “Food-loving singles” for a new show from The Block‘s Julian Cress & David Barbour.

“Do you have a love of food? Do you live in Melbourne? Are you single and looking for love?”

It’s not clear what the name of the show is (an email hint suggests it could be Get Real) or what the format entails.

TEN previously screened a food / dating series Come Date with Me after delaying its premiere).

You can apply for the series at [email protected]

Entries close 28th June 2015.

Photo: stock image.


  1. “Photo: stock image.”

    Are you sure? It looks like the bobble-headed one from Masterchef is stealing cashews out of Matt Preston’s hand…

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Someone has seen the ratings for Married At First Sight and also noticed that, while renos are on the nose, Masterchef and MKR have done well and come up with this. Genius.

  3. How many more boy meets girl dating style shows are channel 9 going to come up with, talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel, wish nine could find something more interesting, like killy06 have given up on channel 9 until they can find some interesting programmes to watch.

    • eastwest101

      Almost there enszso – just need to slip in some dancing and B-grade celebrities and we will have the “We are officially out of ideas show” quadrella.

  4. Oh god, more crap. It’s no wonder I don’t watch anything on the Nine network.

    Look how bad come date with me was, no originality whatsoever.

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