Chris Bath thanks behind the scenes team


Chris Bath says she has been overwhelmed with farewell messages since announcing her departure from Seven News yesterday.

Speaking to Triple M’s Grill Team in Sydney today, Bath said, “The network’s been wonderful with my exit. It’s been great. It’s just the right time to do something new.

“As a public figure you end up talking to a whole range of people and school kids and telling them sometimes you’ve got to take a calculated risk, sometime you’ve got to back yourself and sometimes you know you just have to go for it and I just figure it’s time for me to walk the talk.

“I’ve been overwhelmed. I’m stunned that people even care…

“Thank you for all the lovely messages.”

Amid rumours of a difficult relationship with news execs, Matty Johns asked Bath if newsroom politics had worn her down.

“I don’t want to get myself a new headline with anything. In our game it’s a pressure cooker environment,” she said.

“I have worked in 20 years, with some of the most remarkable people in that place. They’ve spent hours making me look better than what I actually am.

“I’m talking about all the people behind the scenes.

“There’s an army of people marching behind you. Those guys, from people who do my hair, to people who roll the autocue, to directors to cameramen.

“They’re the people I want to say thank you to and have that be a headline. But that’s not that sexy.”


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