Live TV shock: Arm-wrestling agony on Footy Show


Questions will undoubtedly be asked today after an arm-wrestling contest went horribly wrong on the NRL Footy Show last night.

Former NRL player Ben Ross had his arm “popped” by Wendell Sailor in a live contest, that left audience members shocked.

When an audible “pop” could be heard, Ross began to scream in pain, with host ‘Fatty’ Vautin throwing to a commercial break.

“We need an ambulance!” he shouted.

The (excruciating) video can be seen here (Warning: graphic images, language).

Ross was rushed to hospital with reports he snapped the muscle from the bone.

Vautin later said, “He’s in good spirits, but we’re not sure about the injury.

“He’s full of morphine at the moment.”


  1. I saw this story on sunrise this morning. That pop or crack I can still hear. It still shudders me. Poor guy never had much luck with injuries.

  2. This is not the first time things went wrong on this show and one with Vautin involved so they haven’t learned a thing their risk assessment needs to improve

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