Married at First Sight couple reveal miscarriage


Married at First Sight‘s Alex and Zoe have revealed a miscarriage after the Nine reality series stopped filming.

“Zoe and me fell pregnant but we basically didn’t want to say anything, we said ‘no comment’ because obviously we hadn’t reached that 12-13 week mark,” Alex told A Current Affair.

“It was the best news I’ve ever heard to be frank with you. I was so happy and I couldn’t wait to share it with the rest of Australia.

“But unfortunately, Zoe had a miscarriage – so it didn’t work out the way we were planning.”

The couple are still together, with plans to sell Alex’s home and move in together in a new home.

Despite Monday’s finale declaring 2 couples were still together 2 months after the ‘final decision,’ Lachlan and Clare have now split, but remain friends.

“There was good times, but there were times that weren’t good,” Lachlan said.

“For the most part there was a lot of connection there, a lot of chemistry, a lot of things that happened that probably don’t go to air.”

Michael also said he remains friends with Roni, despite parting before the final episode.

“Roni’s a great person and going to find that guy that’s right for her,” Michael said.

“Unfortunately it wasn’t me – unfortunate for me as well as Roni.”

But James and Michelle are no longer in contact.

ACA also revealed filming finished last July -meaning last night’s finale did not bring viewers up to date by any stretch.


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