Married at First Sight story spoiled


One of the participants in Married at First Sight has effectively spoiled the outcome of the Nine series, by confirming she has married another man.

Michelle, 34, was paired with James, 36, in one of 4 TV ‘weddings’ but told Mamamia she was now married to “an old flame.”

“Being a part of Married At First Sight was a fantastic experience! It really taught me a lot about myself. James is a great guy with many good qualities. He just wasn’t the one for me,” she said in a statement.

“I am now happily married to the love of my life.”

It’s not clear if she has broken confidentialities with the Nine series (which finished filming several months ago), but contracts are likely to surround what happened in relation to the filming of the show. It might be very hard to contract details that are outside the show.

Either way it makes following the storyline of Michelle and James all rather pointless for viewers now. Can’t imagine Nine is happy about that.

Meanwhile rumours that Clare has fallen pregnant have been denied by Nine.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    I’ve always wondered why we use the term “fallen” pregnant like it’s an accident. Where did the lady in question fall, what did she fall upon, and is it likely to happen again?

  2. There is no legal problem it getting people to sign a confidentiality agreement, in many cases forever, in exchange for money. And if they break it you have an open and shut case for breach of contract.

    Wedding Licences are a matter of public record and if a report has found out and it is a matter of public knowledge then you may not be breaking the agreement if you confirm a report.

    Of course a billion dollar business suing one it is contestants for money may not be the best strategic move. A lot of these contracts are just intimidatory.

  3. Following any of the storylines on this show was always pointless. Still, usualy there is tighter control over what people involved say until after all eps have aired in such shows. Guess theres no money incentives in front of her.

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