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Everyday we see the national ratings -but how do shows differ across statelines?

In Melbourne they love Married at First Sight, in Sydney MasterChef and in Brissy House Rules rules.

Last week Today led on the East Coast, but Sunrise dominates in Adelaide and Perth.

Here are the weekly averages for last week May 24 – 30 in Overnight metro rankings.

It’s worth remembering Sunday News scores well trailing out of Sports events, and that State of Origin ran on Wednesday, meaning House Rules-Wed actually ran on Thursday in 2 cities.


Sunday’s MasterChef was the top performer of the week at 310,000 viewers while Married at First Sight was the second most popular at 302,000. MasterChef continued to win each night of the week, but dropped considerably against State of Origin. House Rules was the preferred renovation show with the Reveal at 276,000 with its other episodes outranking Reno Rumble each night, with Nine best on Sunday at 215,000.

Nine News (Sun: 457,000) had the lead over Seven News (Sun: 332,000) and on weeknights Nine was 293,000 to Seven’s 250,000.

Today (92,000) was out in front of Sunrise (87,000).



Married at First Sight (426,000) was the top ranking Reality show, but in the heated 7:30 battle MasterChef (Mon: 407,000) had easy wins over Reno Rumble (Sun: 295,000) and House Rules (Reveal: 290,000). Seven’s renovation show was regularly beaten by Nine’s.

Seven News (Sun: 422,000) was the top bulletin for the week. But on weeknights Nine was a clear leader at 396,000 to Seven’s 276,000.

Today (90,000) beats Sunrise (84,000).



House Rules (Reveal: 204,000) led the week. Seven’s renovation show also won the reality battle every night it aired except Tuesday when Masterchef took line honours (174,000). Reno Rumble ranked third each night with its best on Sunday at 162,000. Married at First Sight was even lower on 141,000.

Seven News (Sun: 256,000) topped the week, but on weeknights Nine News (202,000) bettered Seven News (172,000).

Today (71,000) pipped Sunrise (69,000).


MasterChef (Mon: 121,000) won each night except on Sunday when House Rules (Reveal: 108,000) defeated it. Reno Rumble (Sun: 86,000) trailed both its competition. Meanwhile Married at First Sight (109,000) proved popular.

No contest here with Seven News (Sun: 158,000) ahead of Nine (Sun: 102,000), also on weeknights with Seven News: 127,000 and Nine News: 93,000.

Sunrise: 35,000 beats Today: 23,000.



House Rules (Reveal: 189,000) topped the week, plus another win on Monday. But Masterchef won Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as high as 151,000. Reno Rumble trails with 88,000 its best on Sunday. Married at First Sight did well with 133,000.

News is Perth’s most preferred genre, with Seven News dominant at 234,000 on Sunday over Nine News (Sun: 90,000). Similarly on weeknights Seven’s 193,000 quashed Nine’s 97,000.

Sunrise (33,000) outranks Today (20,000). ABC News Breakfast is not far behind on 17,000 (via ABC).

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  1. Just want to throw this out there, Perth has 700k more people than Adelaide yet the Breakfast TV Ratings are ADL – 35k(sunrise) 23k (today) / PER- 33k(sunrise), 20k(today). I guess there just seems to be a lot of viewers unaccounted for is what im getting at.

  2. Worth noting with Perth’s news TEN and ABC both beat 9 quite often. Ten’s gone a bit downhill these days though, their 2 hour delayed national bulletin damages their brand IMO.

  3. Nine in Adelaide must be pretty desperate, they’ve resurrected Rob Kelvin from his retirement 5 years ago! This is what happens when a city TV station once owned and managed locally, gets new interstate owners and managers who gut local talent and local production then wonder why the local news (about the only thing left that is produced locally) loses its way and develops little respect. Ten did it, then nine. The government want to keep doing it to the ABC. Management with economic psychopathic rationalist mindsets don’t understand how local communities (and I’m talking about a city of more than 1.5M people) need local TV stations operated and owned by local people who put the community in which they serve first! Just look at what has happened and is still happening to community TV in country areas. No locally made news service let alone anything else. No local production. No…

  4. That is funny just noticed yesterday the add for Brisbane News at 6 has changed from Queensland`s Number 1 to Your News. they took their time changing it. He he he he.

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