Oops. Hot Seat beats Deal or No Deal?


Bit of a boo-boo by the Sunday Telegraph today which suggests Deal or No Deal has been losing badly to Hot Seat.

Unfortunately, Deal hasn’t been up against Hot Seat since September 2013, ever since Million Dollar Minute moved in.

The headline referencing “Eddie Maguire” is also a typo (the copy correctly notes McGuire). At least Eddie will be happy with that rather youthful photo!

The idea that Million Dollar Minute, not Deal or No Deal repeats, is impacting on Seven News is correct. Nine was in a similar dilemma before it developed Hot Seat for the 5:30 slot.

TV Tonight has previously speculated Seven is developing a local version of The Chase potentially to replace Million Dollar Minute but this is yet to be confirmed.


  1. Seven should try The Chase in primetime before pinning their hopes for 6pm on it. The reason that Deal or No Deal and Hotseat both work/worked well is because they took an audience with them into the earlier slot.

  2. npstanley80

    I Love the Original British Edition hosted by Bradley Walsh a locally made version would be very inferior to the original and probably would not work

  3. Maybe they were reading the Gold Coast TV guide by mistake. Deal or No Deal and Hot Seat are both on at 5pm here because we have local news at 5.30pm.

  4. Bet what you like The Chase Australia will almost definitely go ahead. Recently 7 have been running ads for a new show, developed by ITV that pits contestants against “Australias best brains”. What else could that be? ITV is a clue as well….

    • The Einstein Factor had a Brains panel too, so could be them also 😛

      But i’ve heard rumours of a locally made The Chase and hope it does happen correctly.

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