Sam Armytage vs cockroaches

Sunrise hosts have been subjected to Fear Factor week  -and no, we’re not talking about the hair and make-up team on strike.

Yesterday Kochie got up close and personal with a funnel-web spider.

Today Sam Armytage was subjected to 60 seconds in a box with cockroaches (hey it wasn’t exactly paradise for the cockroaches, either!).

Tomorrow Mark Beretta meets snakes on a studio.


  1. Cockroaches – no problem. I have a fear of commercial breakfast television which by the looks of this is well founded. So this person is a serious journalist and no doubt wants the 6pm job one day. Yeah right….

    • themanfromoz

      I caught yesterday and today.
      Sam was right when she said Kochie got off lightly.
      He didn’t even help her out of the box today – was all left to Mark.
      Kochie was prancing around like a real idiot.
      I only went back to Sunrise after getting tired of Karl on Today.
      Now both male hosts are simply bores.
      Will start watching ABC.

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