Today Tonight (WA) turns 20

The Perth-edition of Today Tonight will celebrate its 20th anniversary today with a special story that looks back on two decades of stories.

Hosted by Monika Kos since 1997, it premiered in 1995 hosted by Yvette Mooney.

The show, which continues to win its timeslot, is one of two locally-produced editions that have survived the axe falling on East Coast editions.

6:30pm tonight on Seven (WA).



  1. Admittedly I don’t watch trash tonight, but I have seen episodes in the past and many stories were really advertorials dressed up to be a current affairs. What I’ve seen is basically garbage and it’s a shame that so many don’t realise they are being sold something rather than getting the full and truthful story. 20 years of garbage is nothing to be proud of in my view, but each to their own…

  2. Whilst I congratulate a show that has lasted such a commendable run, I cannot say TT-WA is currently a current affairs show we can be proud of.

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